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Kiss And Tell

We watch a real movie for a second.

Bella tells Sean that having his dick shoved into the gearshift can't be comfortable. He's all rubbing up and down on it, and I'm not comfortable. He says he's glad she came there with him tonight. "Me too," Bella smirks. As Sean does something back and forth with his right hand just out of view he stammers about how he's been wanting to ask Bella out for a long time, but they've always been friends and it's weird. Bella watches Scout hesitantly put his arm around Paige. Sean gets Bella's attention back and asks if she's okay. She answers by putting her tongue in his mouth.

Scout pulls his hand back from Paige's shoulder and she sighs. He asks what's wrong. She asks if he's going to kiss her. As he fish-mouths for a second, and she leans in and starts macking. Hey, would you kiss your sister like that, buddy? Oh, wait. She leans back and Scout looks terrified. Ooh, maybe Paige is actually Scout's mother, and Biff will be along any second to pull her from the car and fondle her crinoline. Paige says that she wanted them to be together. He says that they are together right now. "No. I wanted be my first." Scout asks if she means "right here, right now." "Not here," Paige says with no emotion whatsoever. "Like I'm going to lose my virginity in a drive-in." Scout says he understands. "New car smell. Ashtray marks in the back of my neck." What an asshole. Paige agrees and sends him off for a COKE.

Scout walks out of the car and stops in front of Bella's Jeep. He watches the two of them make out. He keeps watching. Close-up on Bella and Sean making out. As they turn their heads, Scout is standing right behind them watching. Biff looks up, but before George can get out, "Hey, you. Get your damn hands off her," he runs off to the concession stand. Sean asks if Bella wants anything from the snack bar. "Hot Tamales would be good," she exhales. Sean kisses her and leaves. "'Ello, darlin!" Ooh, is it Dick Van Dyke? No. It's just Ryder. "Aren't you a little bit yung to drive'? I mean, personally, I like girls that break the law but...I wooodn't want you to get in trouble." "How 'bout girls that break your legs?" Bella asks as she opens the door on him. Ryder hits the ground as Bella walks off. He stands up and laughs. He shouts, "That was very foony! So youuung! Sooo baaahd!" Ooh, that's how I'd describe Young Americans. So young, so bad. You said it, Ryder. "So what," Ryder says without a hint of accent as he smokes his cigarette. I wonder if he's going to end up pulling a Tucker from There's Something About Mary.

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Young Americans




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