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Will is riding his bike down Main Street. Sean stops him on his bike. "You kicked ass," Will says. "Long time comin'," Sean nods. Sean asks what it's like on the inside. "Rawley? Pretty intimidating." Sean asks why he wouldn't tell him. Will says that he figures one morning someone will figure out that he's "faking it." Oh, you mean like last week, Will? When everyone found out you faked it? He says that he didn't want everyone to see him fail. "Will! You're not going to fail. You got a scholarship. You're the smartest freaking guy I know. You're gonna own that place!" Ooh. I want a t-shirt that says "Smartest Freaking Guy." Will and Sean then go into the longest game of "Remember when" I've ever seen. Sean: "Remember when we were kids? [, last year? You're fifteen!] You had this way of looking at things. You make anything seem possible. I never told you this, but, because you were gonna be somebody? Made me feel that I was gonna be somebody too." Will: "Remember we'd hang out in the woods and get chased around by the Rawley groundskeeper guy?" Sean: "Was that guy a freak, or what? Oh, man." They sigh. Will: "Those were some good times." Okay, quick break here so we can all laugh at that line. Now, we're going back in. Will: "Remember that girl, Coralee, from elementary school?" As they walk off talking about how Coralee was asking about Will (Sean has now developed a Southern accent), Bella walks out of the gas station to look on approvingly at them. They kick each other, and run each other's bikes into their legs.

Time for Will's final thought. We watch Bella, Scout and Will sit at a table at Friendly's. They are, of course, the only people there. They eat ice cream sundaes because that's all you did on Sundays in 1957. "I wonder. If one day when you look back on your life, you'll see it's not always about the big picture. It's really all about the moments. And maybe one day you'll think back and you'll string all those moments together and then you'll realize when you add them all up? Your life is more meaningful than you could have dreamed." Daniel Stern calls me up and demands to know who stole the trashcan from The Wonder Years. "We called it 'shit' for a reason, Pamie," he growls. Pan back to the three kids flinging ice cream at each other as we fade to black. I wish all three of them would just start dating. It would make things easier.

Next week: Bella declares that she and Scout can't see each other anymore. That's because she's mugging on some Sean. "What are you, her brother?" Sean yells in Scout's ear. Hee. Minority alert! They let an Asian girl on the set! She tells Scout she wants to lose her virginity to him. She's twenty-nine years old. She then shoves her tongue down his mouth as the announcer says the words "Coca-Cola." For some reason, after two weeks of this show, whenever someone asks if I want a Coke, I get horny and then filled with shame. I'm a dirty, dirty girl.

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