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Terri comes bounding down some steps and finds Verve sitting in some grass surrounded by, like, six dogs. She tells him that her bike is gone. She says that she left it where he told her to and she wants to know who took it. Verve says the groundskeeper probably confiscated it. She asks what she should do. "What are you asking me for?" he snots. She's all, "Gah, sorry," and gets up to leave, but he pulls her down by the hand (and lingers there) and says that he can think of something. Cue the Steel Drums of Non-Gay Love. He tells her to meet him under the staircase the next night after dinner. They look at each other for a while and smile, as if they had just made plans to have sex. Terri gets up, wanders through the dogs and leaves. Where are all of the dogs coming from? Verve looks around and sighs.

Overhead shot of the lake. Rowing. Close-up on rowing. The boys are rowing. Yes, boys! Row! Row harder! Row stronger! Take off your shirts! Scout is the only one allowed to wear a tank top and not the crew uniform, since his muscles are fully developed. I wake Rose up so she doesn't miss the good parts here. She thanks me. We watch three minutes of uninterrupted rowing.

The boys are now lifting the heavy boat and bringing it back on land. Excellent. Yes, boys. Lift. Lift and look longingly at each other. That's real nice. Good. Will's best friend/boyfriend Sean stands by a tree and tries to act like he's not there. In the fuzzy distance, Will works a kink out of his back. Yes. Very nice. Stretch deeper, Will. Get in on that back muscle. It looks tired. Sean watches Will stretch. Will turns to touch someone's hand as they walk away and he sees Sean. Close-up on Sean looking away, awkwardly, because it's hard for him to talk to Will now. He's changed, somehow. He's not sure if he's the special person in Will's life anymore, what with his big friends and new life and all. Sean glares at Will, and Will awkwardly walks over. He touches his own face, as if he's trying to figure out just how to say these things to his jilted boyfriend. "Will, what are you doing here?" Sean asks. Sean asks if Will is going to Rawley. "Yeah." "I saw you rowin' across the lake," he says, like "rowin' across the lake" means "fucking that other boy." "Since when?" Sean spits. "Since I got a scholarship," Will replies. Sean asks when Will was going to tell him about it, and if he's not good enough for Will now. Will tries to stammer out excuses, but Sean keeps interrupting him with "I can't believe"s and "When"s. Sean leans back against the tree: "Gah. This really sucks, man." Sean looks away and pouts. Finn walks up to Will and says into his tiny microphone that it's time for Will to do something with shells. I don't know crew talk. "Hundred percent commitment," he says to Will, as if Will had been trying to get out of shell duty. Sean scoffs at the percentage. He looks down and up as if to say, "Whipped." "Look, I'd better go," Will says. "We'll talk later. I'll explain everything." Will turns to go and Sean says, "Go. I wouldn't want to screw up your commitment!" This hurts Will's heart, and he has to turn and stand behind some flowery branches. "I'm real sorry, man," he says, and runs off towards the waiting Finn. Oh. They broke up by a tree, y'all. That's so sad.

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