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Our Town

Coke commercial.

Down the old time-y road, we happen upon the Friendly's. Scout is inside, bussing a table. He picks up a Coke glass and looks out the red windowpanes. Bella is working on a car from 1957. She bends over and shows us the flesh between her butt and her strappy top. Scout looks longingly at her. He smiles. Then the smile stops. We see Bella walking over to Sean. They are both smiling all big, but we can't hear what they are saying. Close-up on Scout as he swallows, blinks. Sean touches Bella's hair. She laughs. Scout bites the insides of his cheeks. He looks down in pain. His hand has become stuck in some gum under the table. "Gross," he moans. He walks back to the counter (sans gum) as Sean walks in behind him and sits at a table with some friends. Scout walks over to Sean's table and asks what he can get for them. Sean says, "Hey, you new here?" Scout says that he is, and that he goes to Rawley. Close-up on Sean as he squints and says, "What are you doing here?" He lets out an exhale on "here" so we know he's all tough. Sean makes a joke about Scout's needing money to repair his dad's Ferrari. "Do you need menus, or are you just here to brighten my day?" Scout asks. "We been coming here all our lives, Skippy," Sean brags, as if that's something to be proud of. He drawls out the "s" in lives because he thinks he's John Malkovich. Scout says that he must know what he wants. Sean, of course, orders four hamburgers and four COKES. Scout says, "Coming right up," and walks away to some cowboy acoustic bad-ass strumming. Ooh.

Overhead shot of the desolate city. This place is so lame. Really. Will pedals past Finn walking out of some shop. "Hold up, Mercury!" Finn yells to him. Finn grabs a mitt from the ground. I can't tell if it fell from Will's bag or not. Will pedals back and Finn asks him about the softball that Will's playing. Finn also asks about Sean, but this scene is terribly dull. They keep doing this thing where we follow an extra walk-by to get from Will to Finn, Finn to Will. Finn says that Sean "seemed upset." "He was," Will says. The WB, having heard the complaints from its viewers about the lack of minorities on their programming, has one African-American woman in sunglasses walk quickly by before Will delivers his next line. So stop writing all that hate mail. The WB loves you. Sometimes Will is leaning over his bike, sometimes he's leaning back. Whatever. They recap the past twenty minutes. Finn tosses back Will's glove and tells him, "Good luck." "Thanks," Will says, "we could win it all this year." All sullen and deep, Finn lowers his voice and says, "I mean with your friend." Close up on Will really taking in the meaning of Finn's wisdom. "Carry on, Atlas," Finn says while watching Will's butt pedal off. Lord, this show is bad. Will invites Finn to the game as he leaves.

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Young Americans




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