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Will shows up at the field as the boys are walking off. "Polo match run late?" Sean asks. "Practice is over?" Will asks. "Ayup," Sean says like he's in a Stephen King novel. Ray wakes up and asks if this is still the same damn episode. I tell him it is. He is now watching it to spite the show's cast members. "I'm stronger than they are, dammit," he growls. Will apologizes for being late, saying that he was held up at the diner. "Oh, it's good to see you're keeping in touch with the little people." This is such a lame story line, can I tell you? Will asks if Sean is looking forward to his party tonight. "You remember where I live, or do you want me to draw a map?" Man! Lame! Lameness! Imprisoning me! All that I see! Absolute crapfest! I cannot live! I cannot die! Trapped on my couch! TV my holding cell! Random pecs walk in front of the camera again as Will asks Sean if he's "taking this act on the road." The long and winding road, I'm assuming. GET ON WITH IT! END THIS SCENE! Thank you.

Cut to the party. Ray immediately begins laughing about the giant bonfire these kids have built in the center of this perfectly manicured lawn. And for poor Townies, these kids sure have nice homes. I'm just sayin'. Easily twelve rooms in the place. "So is this one of those all-nighters?" Scout says to Will, or Will says to Scout. "Might be," the other laughs. They sound the same with their backs turned. Couples do that after they've been living together for a while. Scout says he's happy to meet Will's friends. He asks if he's going to be the "token Rawley geek." Pause to watch Bella through a window. "Now you know how I feel every day at school," Will says all serious, because he has to bring every mood down. It's a party, people. And what would a party be without red cups that hold no fluids and absolutely no smoking? That's right. A real party. Scout spots Sean leaning against a railing and tells Will that he's going to go inside. He makes it seem like he's doing that to avoid Sean, but we all know the sweet sister-booty is just inside those walls.

Will walks over to Sean and his friend and Sean immediately goes in with, "Didn't know they let you out at night to party with the locals." "All right, enough," Will says for the rest of us. "I haven't been the one avoiding you," Sean says while gesturing with his empty red cup. He slurs just a bit, so we're supposed to think that he's drunk. It's like when the new ex-girlfriend shows up at the party and she's all drunk with makeup running down her face while shouting, "He never made me come, anyway!" You just want to hide your eyes. Will apologizes. Close-up on Sean as he says, "'Scool. Whatever, man. I'm over it." Oh, they got back together. Sean takes a "sip" and looks through the window. Through this window you can also see Bella, but she's standing all close and flirting with Scout. "You bring him?" Sean asks with much spite. Will says he's his roommate. "And now he's slumming it with the Townie chicks," Sean says. Who talks like this? Will says that Scout is "pretty cool" and "I thought your beef was with me." Beef. Sean says he doesn't have a problem with anyone. Some guy sitting next to them says, "I gotta problem with you, Krudski. You're getting soft." As I wince from that line, random friend guy begins tickling Will's tummy. Will crunches in and giggles like the Pillsbury Dough Boy. I swear. Sean watches Bella and Scout do their mating dance a bit more, and he has to swallow the bile in his throat. So do I, Sean. So do I.

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