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Steel Drums of Non-Gay Love. Verve takes a look to the left and the right. Terri walks in wearing a leather jacket and gloves. Verve comments that they're just getting her bike back, "not lifting the Mona Lisa." Ha. I like Verve. Terri takes off her gloves and follows Verve down the darkened hall. "I know the groundskeeper has it," he explains. "I used to sneak in here at night and steal lawnmowers...ride them around the lake." I can't hear the next few lines because Rose and Ray are now screaming with laughter. "There's a good time for you!" "Jesus, that boy has really lived, you know?" Verve and Terri stand real close and slowly open the door.

The basement is dark and empty, so I don't know what all the suspense was for. They turn on their flashlights and spot the bike in the corner. They run over to it. I'm glad they aren't talking, because Rose and Ray are still squealing. As they reach the bike, a light flips on in the room next to them. Verve and Terri duck behind the bike and see the groundskeeper sitting in his little room. "Jackass," Ray drones. "Riding a lawnmower around a lake. You jackass." Terri asks if they are going to be stuck down there. Verve explains that it's nine o'clock, so they'll be fine. "What, he gets off work?" "No. Felicity comes on. He never misses an episode. He even cries sometimes, I swear." They giggle, even though they know their show isn't nearly as good as the one the groundskeeper is watching. Ray rejoices as he's found the one man in Rawley that breaks their strict weight limit. As they get up to leave quietly, the groundskeeper shouts, "What are you doing?" They both freeze until he says, "Ben's in love with you, not her!" They laugh again and stand real close while they wheel the bike away.

Boring party. Scout walks over to Bella as if he hasn't been talking to her the whole time. They exchange "hi"s anyway. Bella puts the blue cup to her lips, but she doesn't take a sip or swallow anything. Scout stammers something about how it's fun to be at the party with her as a friend. An extra walks between the two of them and flirts with Scout. Bella tells Scout that the girl is named Gina. "Biggest feet on a girl I've ever seen." Smirk. They just stand there for a long time without talking. Scout leans in and puts his arm up by Bella's head, just like he's leaning in for a kiss, and asks Bella if he can tell his dad about her. She says no, and gets really upset because she likes her family the way it is and doesn't want to meet her real father. They get so upset, in fact, that Sean thinks that Scout is giving her some sort of problem and he walks up and fronts Scout. An instant brawl breaks out, and Bella calls Will over. I can't tell who is fighting because the lighting is so shitty, but the music stops, of course, and at one point after the fight has broken up for some reason Will just shoves the hell out of Sean and knocks him to the ground. Sean almost lets go of his red cup when he hits the ground. Almost. Will tells Scout to leave. "Nice friends you got, man. Nice friends." He shoves Will for good measure and leaves. Sean and Will stare at each other for a second in sadness, but that Nick Drake person starts singing about skies and things again, and Sean storms off. The guy wearing the number 22 jersey then delivers my favorite line of the night. He walks up to Will, flicks his head back and says, "Hey, Krudski. Maybe you should go too." "Maybe you should go," I expect Will to say back. "You!" "No, you!" As 22 walks away, the male extra who has been paired with a girl cops a feel of her breast by putting his arm around her waist. She picks her hand up and pulls his down while trying to stay "in the moment." The extras are the best thing about this scene. One of them clearly thinks that by putting his hand on his chin, he's showing how much this fight disturbs him. The one behind him is shaking his head back and forth, back and forth, all mouth-breathing and wide-eyed, because he just can't believe that two people as close as Will and Sean can be broken up by something like this.

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