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"Daddy, Daddy, If You Could Only See"

Bella walks up. "Look at you all dressed up," Scout says, still smiling. "Oh, yeah, I had, like, no clean jeans, so..." Scout tells Bella that he didn't mention her to his father. "What?" Bella says that six times an episode. "So, are we gonna tell him together?" "No." "So how are we gonna do this?" "Well, it's just bad timing, I mean, in general." With the election coming up and everything, this just wasn't the best time. He says he wanted this meeting to be perfect, and his dad's under too much stress right now. She says that she was only meeting his dad to humor Scout. Bella puts on her brave face and says she's relieved that she doesn't have to meet him. She says she'd love to stay for the race, but she's got work to do. As she turns to leave, she turns around and says she has "a good one." "Motoring. What's your price for flight? In finding Mr. Right. You'll be all right tonight." Scout asks what the song is. "'Sister Christian?' Night Ranger?" Honey, you may be his sister, but you're no Christian. "You gave up too soon, Master Scout," she says. What's with her calling him Master Scout all the time, anyway? Really. Scout smiles and watches her walk away. Bella stops just out of his view and cries for a while to the background music about sailing away. She watches the Senator give his speech. She pouts off.

Mamawhore smiles at Will. Verve is standing with the Crew, looking around for Terri. The Senator wishes them good luck. "So let's hit it!" he smiles. Everyone claps, including Scout. The Senator watches Scout run with the other boys.

On the pier, Terri runs up. "Pratt, thanks for showing up," Scout smirks. "Hey, lay off," Verve says, just like Kenicki. Will and Scout stand pec to pec as Scout says, "Ooh, look at the little lovebirds." "What's up your butt, Calhoun?" Terri asks. "I had a family thing," she says. "I've been dealing with my dad all day, guys," Scout snots. "Well, I don't have a dad, so I'm not dealing with one," Terri snaps back (but really, that doesn't mean anything). Verve says that his dad lives on campus and he hasn't seen him all weekend. Yeah, where the hell are Verve's parents? "Rich kids dealing with Mommy and Daddy problems. My heart weeps." Always Will with the trump card. "Gentlemen!" Finn interrupts. "There's an obstacle to winning here today. And it's you, Mr. Krudski." Oh, did he cheat to get on Crew, too? "What?" Will scoffs. As he starts to explain that he didn't mean to download, Finn goes on to say that the obstacle is also Scout. The obstacle is also Verve. The obstacle is Terri. The obstacle is, in fact, apparently everyone except for the last two Crew kids standing in the back. "Each one of you possesses not only the ability to win, but also the ability to keep yourselves from achieving that victory. Yes. This race is important. But not to prove that we're better than Saint Josephs. Though we are." The rich assholes laugh. "But rather to prove that each one of you is better than the personal obstacles that stand in front of you. It's a tall order. But understand that, and you won't just be winners in today's race. Let's go win." Man, it's just a Parents Weekend. Calm the fuck down. Seriously.

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