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"Daddy, Daddy, If You Could Only See"

The race is slow. The better to watch the muscles. Stroking. Taut muscles. Terri's mom is in the stands, but somehow doesn't recognize her daughter yelling at the end of the boat. Slow-motion rowing. Mmm. Boat tips. Rowing. Struggling. Man against man. Man against nature. Boy against Finn. Girl against sleep. Boat tips. Cheering. Mamawhore is proud. The Rawley boys win a very quick race. They shout and clap and aren't even slightly sweaty.

Will runs right over to his mama. She hugs him and says he was amazing. She apologizes for yesterday. Will apologizes as well. "Well, he's just afraid, that's all." Will: "Well, what's he so afraid of?" Mamawhore: "Of you!" Will: "What, that I'm gonna fail?" Mamawhore: "No, that you're gonna succeed." She says that Will has all these opportunities that his dad didn't have and he's jealous. Will says he doesn't want to be that person. Mamawhore says he can't help it. Will's just the specialist special boy in de hoe wide word! Wess he wiis. Will says he has to go take the team photo.

The team photo cracks me up. On one side, holding one of the oars, are the two boys that apparently didn't have any obstacles before this race. All huddled up on the other side are Verve, Terri, Will, Scout, and Finn. Everyone looks at each other in slow motion, and twenty minutes later, the picture is taken. Okay, if MamaTerri didn't spot her daughter before now, she really should have noticed when she was standing right in front of her. Man.

As the photo Crew breaks up, Will looks up and sees his father staring at him. They look at each other for a few moments. Finn looms right behind Will's head. Will's dad walks off. Will walks off to follow him, and Finn looks disappointed. Will calls to his dad, but BadDad gets in his truck and takes off. Will looks around for a long while.

Scout and his dad stand on the edge of the pond. The Senator apologizes for earlier. He says they're "in this together" and that he'll "leave no stone unturned" and they will "get to the bottom of this." I guess Scout decides if he gets re-elected. Scout says that he just wanted to let him know that "that girl, she's what [he] thought." Okay. I guess this is a part of Scout's gettin'-busy plan. The Senator asks if he wants to talk about it. Scout says he's fine. The Senator asks if they are fine. Scout says that they are. Feel the love, people. Feel the love. The Senator says that he's made some mistakes in his life. "You understand?" The background music takes over, saying, "Please forgive me." I don't forgive them for that last scene at all.

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