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"Daddy, Daddy, If You Could Only See"

Where are Verve and Terri? You know, the real plot that we care about?

Scout turns to leave and does this big ol' arm swoop so his cell phone falls to the ground. Bella doesn't see it, but she sighs, which signals a call. She answers it "Scout's phone," with a smirk. As she starts walking the phone over to the Friendly's, she tells the caller her name and says that she doesn't go to Rawley Girls. She asks who's calling (because it's just her business, you know) and gets all solemn, so we know it's Scout's dad. She quietly walks the phone over to Scout, stands in the shadow, and says, "It's your father." She starts walking backwards and sighing as Scout gets on the phone. Scout has a problem using any sort of range in voice when he's talking to his dad. He keeps his mouth open as he says, "Hi. No, no, Dad, she's not my girlfriend." Painful wince from Bella. "Yet," we all say together.

Opening credits. The only time we see the Fab Five in once place at the same time. Is it wrong that I want to lick Ian Somerhalder? Where would we be without a little love, indeed. This song speaks right through me.

Coke plug. Coke commercial.

I resisted Center Stage. I scoffed at Coyote Ugly. But I am only one person. I cannot wait to see Bring It On. I'm so serious, here. Kirsten Dunst and booty-shaking. Man. Sign me up right now.

Scout and Bella sit in the Friendly's. Scout holds a Coke. He asks if that call was weird for her. She says it was. He tells her that his dad is coming up for Parents Weekend. Well, "Today." Scout asks what he should say. Bella's all, "Hey, Dad. You look great. I've got a surprise for you. Your daughter." Scout laughs, because for some reason he finds this whole thing to be really funny, and says, "Okay, I get it. You don't want to meet him." She says she doesn't. "Got it." "It would just be completely bizarre, you know?" "Okay." Get on with it. Scout says that he's got to get back to work. Bella looks up and for the first time I really notice that she's got one brown eye and one blue eye. Amazing. With the amount of close-ups they do in this show, you'd think I'd have seen it before this moment. It's amazing where your mind wanders when you get bored. They're all, "See ya Monday," so I guess it's supposed to be Friday or something. Like dates and times mean anything in Rawley.

Prep School Without Classes. Kids hug parents. Fade into Terri's room. The WB has heard our complaints, and they've got Terri back on her computer. She reads something, touches her head and says, "Oh, no!"

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