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"Daddy, Daddy, If You Could Only See"

Verve and MamaTerri are still walking hand in hand as Terri offers Verve a handshake and thanks him. "For everything," she adds. He tells MamaTerri it was very nice to meet her. She reminds him to email his pictures to her so she can give them to some Peter guy that she knows in New York. She says that it's nice when people have an artistic outlet that "they're passionate about. And good at." She says she tells Terri that all the time. "Yeah, it's easy for you to say," Terri smiles. "You master everything." Terri turns to Verve and tells him that MamaTerri played Lady Macbeth in three different languages. MamaTerri gets modest and then invites Verve to the Rawley Girls lunch tomorrow with them. Cue the Steel Drums of Non-Gay Love. Before we get to the "twist," I'm just wondering how they even got information on the Rawley Girls Parents Weekend itinerary, since Terri doesn't go to that school. Verve says that he can't go because he's got the Regatta at that time. Pointed look at Terri, who's supposed to be in the Regatta as well. Terri mumbles that noon is such a "weird time for lunch," so they should make it later. MamaTerri says it's not a "coffee shop" and that the lunch is scheduled already. Verve excuses himself and MamaTerri tells Terri that he likes her. She says she hardly even knows him. Then she stops her and blushes and says, "You think so?" "Oh, yeah." MamaTerri's cell phone is going off before she makes it into the car. She answers it as she starts to drive off. Terri watches her drive away and then runs back towards the boys dorm. MamaTerri stops her car to get a pen and sees Terri running in the wrong direction. But from the sign that they stop and hold on, it looks like Terri's running towards the lake.

Diner of Bankruptcy. Will hands Bella "two cheeseburgers to go and some extra fries since [they] are closing." That place will never make a dime, I tell ya. Bella asks where Scout is. Will tells her that he's with his dad. Will says that the Senator is really cool and makes you feel important. Bella asks what he looks like. Will says "like a Senator." Bella asks if the Senator looks like Scout. Will says he does a little. Yadda, yadda, yadda, "Does he look like...?" Will says he knows that she said she didn't want to meet him. We hear a car horn outside. Bella and Will look outside and watch Bella's dad finish with a car. He turns to Will and Bella, tucks his rag between his legs and wiggles his dirty fingers. Bella laughs and says, "Look at my dad. He's so crazy." Who needs a Senator when you've got Martin Lawrence for a dad? Wigglin' his dirty fingers. Putting his red rag between his legs. Will seizes his chance to bring things down again and goes in with Scene Two of Monologues and Fathers: "I used to have this picture in my head of what the perfect relationship with my dad would be like. How he'd always be there, always show up, always say the right things. But he never has. And he never will. But I'll tell you something I never tell anybody. I leave a little room of possibility that one day he'll be that guy because you just never know, right? Look. I'm no expert on dads. That's what you have, Bella. A little piece of possibility. Meeting Senator Calhoun wouldn't take anything away from what you have with Charlie." Bella thanks Will and kisses him on the cheek. Will looks around as we fade out. I wish that every time Will gets all preachy, they have to take away one of his voice-overs.

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