You’re Way Too Pretty To Go To Jail

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Tyler hails a taxi, but a black car drives up to the curb. Olivia's in the back. She hisses at him to get in. Bridget gets outside, just in time to see Tyler disappear into the backseat of the car. I don't think she sees that he's with the Vampiress. Bridget and her trash bag coat hail a cab. Henry watches from the sidewalk.

Back inside the black car, Olivia fires Tyler. When he tries to explain, she starts talking about how he's taking what he "thinks" he knows to the SEC. "Edward Lanfair says you'll be 'bulletproof' -- correct?" She points out that as director of European Operations, Tyler will be implicated, if the company goes down, and Lanfair will reneg on their deal.

Olivia: Since Juliet isn't in the episode, I get to say this week's title, and tell Tyler, "You're way too pretty to go to jail." You'd better give me those files now, don't you think?

Tyler: I hand Olivia the paper files. When she asks if that's everything, I make eyes at the USB stick in my suitcase. I hope she doesn't notice my flop sweat when she says that for my own sake, I'd better be telling her the truth.

Olivia: Muahahahaha.

Back in Why-oh-Why, Wyoming, or possibly Colorado, Torrence gives Guyliner and Conroy crap for staking out a liquor store when they were supposed to be focusing on cigarette sales. Guyliner has a photo of Officer Jimmy's car outside a liquor store. He points out that the photo was taken a half hour before Shaylene Briggs was murdered. The store is 50 miles from Club Caged, so there's no way Jimmy murdered Shaylene, regardless of his confession. Torrence starts a pissing match with Guyliner over his fixation on the murder. Guyliner just wants to get to the truth -- that's why he's in this line of work. Torrence is all, I heard it's because you like banging strippers. Guyliner maintains his cool and his stance on catching Macawi, then takes his leave. Out in the corridor, he leans against a wall and flashes back to...

Eleven months ago, at the Sweetwater County Morgue, in Wyoming. Shaylene has been dismembered. Sheesh, that's gruesome. Guyliner goes to identify her body...parts. The M.E. says he can use dental records, but Guyliner gets all misty. He needs to see her. He exposits about the death for a minute, then asks the M.E. to do what he can for Shaylene; she had no family or friends. The M.E. twigs to Guyliner's feelings for Shaylene and how could he not? The poor guy is drowning in sorrow. Since the M.E. spends all his time with the dead, he forgets the feelings of the living, and tells Guyliner, "I doubt this matters to your case, but she was four weeks pregnant."

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