You’re Way Too Pretty To Go To Jail

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Story Editors: We flashback to the scene in which Guyliner asks Shaylene what she wanted to tell him, because we're afraid you're very stupid, and can't pick up this plot point, for yourselves.

Back in the M.E.'s office, Guyliner's eyes break our hearts as he nods and flees the morgue.

The flashback within a flashback is over. We're back in the FBI office. From the corridor, Guyliner looks at Shaylene's picture on the evidence board. We cut to...

New York, Soho Diamond Exterior. From inside his hotel room, Tyler calls Shiv (back in Paris). He tells her he went to the SEC, because all he cares about is protecting their family, but Olivia got to him first. He tells her she got everything, which seems curious to me, since Tyler didn't give her the flash drive -- at least not when he gave her the file. Shiv is relieved when Tyler says he didn't say anything about Shiv living in Paris. He's tearful as he tells her Olivia has someone inside the SEC. "What are we going to do, Siobhan?"

Cut to the Soho Diamond exterior. Bridget's cabbie brings her back. She starts to get out, but when she sees Andrew heading into the hotel, she remains in the car and tells the cabbie to keep the meter on, and stay put. Her phone signals she missed a call and has a new voicemail from Andrew.

Andrew's Voicemail Message: It's me. I'm not sure what to say to you. I know this has been a problem of my own making, and I have no right to defend myself, but I wasn't the only one keeping secrets, was I? I know you've been in contact with Tyler Barrett. If the truth gets out, I will lose everything -- my company, my friends, my daughter. I won't let you destroy my life.

We cut to Tyler's room. He's still on the phone, apologizing to Shiv. "I should have trusted you." Shiv tells him Olivia and Andrew are dangerous. She wants to know how he left things with Olivia. He says he gave her the files, but not the flash drive. Okay. Then that negates my question from earlier. There are so many details in this episode -- details that could be key, I am afraid I'm going to overlook something. Shiv tells Tyler not to let the flash drive out of his sight, and get on the first flight back to Paris. When he hangs up, he mutters to himself and takes out the flash drive for a little worried fondle. He steps into another room. When he returns to the hotel bedroom, Tyler sees someone we can't and says, "What the hell are you doing here?"

Bridget finally gets out of the cab and heads into the hotel. She finds out Tyler's room number, but when she gets to his room, he's dead -- lying in a pool of his own blood. We cut to commercial, to ratchet up the tension.

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