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The Last Temptation Of "Dreamz"
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Previously on Princes Among Jackasses: The season started off really, really badly, with an apparent purging of women and a huge glut of jerkweed morons with stupid nicknames. There was also the dumb "twist" of giving half the group a cushy, un-Survivor-like atmosphere, putting them in a camp so packed with potty facilities and fresh fruit that it could almost pass for a Catskills resort if you threw in the "join hands and hearts and voices; voices, hearts, and hands" song. It seemed like the jerkweed morons had the upper hand for quite some time, but plans kept being changed because of the apparently random vacillations of one "Dreamz," who gave himself that name and really believed it. More recently, lovable goofball of a certain age and surprisingly accurate axe-thrower Yau Man found himself the winner of a truck at F6. He made a deal with "Dreamz" that if they both made it to F4 and "Dreamz" won immunity at that time, he would give the immunity to Yau Man. "Dreamz" took the deal, saying, "I promise to God." God immediately issued a statement denying all responsibility. At F6, Boo won immunity, and "Dreamz" hustled up Cassandra, Boo, and Stacy to vote against Yau Man, largely so that "Dreamz" wouldn't have to deal with the deal he made, but also because everyone loves Yau Man and no one wants to face him at the end. Yau Man, however, was wise to their games, and he played his hidden immunity idol, allowing him and Earl to bounce Stacy instead. So now, five are left. Earl, Cassandra, "Dreamz," Yau Man, and Boo. And the complex, unusually wired brain of "Dreamz," which will become its own free-standing player.

Credits. I hereby pledge my adoration to you, Yau Man. I don't really care that you didn't win. Teach me table tennis.

Bula Bula, Night 36. Everyone is returning from the tribal council where Yau Man had to play his immunity idol to avoid being voted out by, most awkwardly here, Cassandra. She asks him if he's all right, and he says he is, settling himself on the ground with a sigh. He interviews that during the "brutal" tribal council, there was a lot of discussion of the deal he made with "Dreamz." He explains how he had to use the idol to avoid being bounced. Earl reassures Yau Man, as they stand together in night vision, that the vote might just have been made to get the idol out. He also says that the others don't know, of course, whether Earl has the other one, or Yau Man has it, or nobody has it. (Reminder: Earl has it. I'm here for you.) Yau Man anxiously says to Earl that if he finds himself a target at the next tribal council, he might need to use Earl's idol. Earl hesitates, because that's the last tribal council where the idol can be used, meaning that it's either going to be used for himself or for somebody else,'s a lot to ask somebody not to play it himself in that situation. Earl gently says to Yau Man that "they might try to target [Earl]," making it clear that it's a pretty big deal to ask him to give up safe passage into F4. In an interview, Earl says that the game is now "all about cannibalism" as everyone tries to "eat each other up." When consuming "Dreamz," I recommend sprinkling him with something to salty to counteract all the artificial sweetener.

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