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Herons & Hi-Tops

Actually, it's even more bizarre than that:

Hank, verbatim: "You look like hell!"
Priest: "That's a fucked up thing to say to a priest."
Hank, verbatim: "I mean it, all the same."

...What? What does that exchange actually mean at all? "You look like hell. I mean it." He says it like he was saying, "You're like a father to me." Anyway, Father Roc is back on board and ready to sky. Not even death can keep him from being moderately helpful.


White Vincent: "So here's my thing. I have a six-month lease on this apartment and about a million bottles of lye. I was thinking I would murder you and then dissolve you, and nobody would even notice until Christmas. How does that sound?"
Jacinda: "That does not sound like a fun time to me. How about instead, you take me to my husband and use the lye for another purpose."
White Vincent: "I guess that is another option."


Skeptikids: "Let's quickly review the facts of the situation, as though by saying them over and over this show will make sense. What do we know? The Rosicrucians were so worried about Hitler's plans that they created 'the ultimate secret' and then planted clues to it in these clocks, which were entrusted to pretend Apostles and also something about the Apocalypse."
Fr. Roc: "Maybe the Apocalypse is already here. For example, AIDS."

Yeah, because when you're so sheltered and inured from reality that you think Nazis are fun action figures and a saint could be a Nazi (or -- spoiler alert -- a Hindu lady) and nothing is actually anything, then AIDS is just another wacky ingredient you can throw in there if you feel like it. When you don't know anything, everything's up for debate.

Hank: "Okay, so AIDS. What's the next sign of the Apocalypse? Is it clocks? Oh my God is it clocks with AIDS?"
Fr. Roc: "No, it is rivers running red as blood."
Hank: "One thing I am not skeptical about is apocryphal Christian mysticism. Look at this picture I took of a watch."
Fr. Roc: "Well, right away I can tell you it's marked with the symbol of Doubting Thomas, so probably it leads to New Thomas."
Hank: "Weirdly, it is not a watch that tells time, though. It was created by either a very cruddy watchmaker or it contains a clue on the dumb level of a magic diamond."
Boy Skeptic: "Maybe it is a constellation? One of those watches that is also a star map?"

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Zero Hour




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