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Girl Skeptic: "How would a Nazi scientist in India become a corpse in the Canadian tundra?"
Boy Skeptic: "Most likely, he would travel by submarine."
Girl Skeptic: "I just wish we had that one missing page from that journal."
Boy Skeptic: "Oh, here it is. In the journal."
Girl Skeptic: "So not only did the FBI miss that page that was folded up and stuck elsewhere in the journal, but also Beck did and then we did? None of us should have these jobs we have."

While Hank remembers literally every second of footage from the pilot in which Jacinda appeared looking morose and lonely and sad, the Skeptikids read the page, which is a letter from St. Nazi to his wife.

"I am writing to you officially as a soldier, my dearest wife. A man of gun and uniform, a bringer of death. For that is what the Nazi party has trained me to become. But you alone have known the real me all these years. A man not of hate, but one of faith. Dark things are upon us, love, in so many ways. But I have searched for those that would stand against it and in the least expected places, I have found them."

Skeptikids: "Some Nazis were really nice guys, it turns out."

"He was a holy man, he was a noble man, he was a Nazi officer." -- This show, last week. The most amazing thing I have ever heard on a television show.

Hank: "Based on no information whatsoever, I have decided that those muggers were actually trying to keep me away from an 80-year-old female Hindu-but-also-Christian saint."
Beck: "Works for me. I'm just going to follow your lead on this one."
Thugs: "Please do not bother Saint Little Girl. Her dogs are barking."
Hank: "Did you not hear me? I told you it's okay for us to go in there. Me, a white man. Don't make this harder or more racist than it needs to be."
Thug: "Oh, sorry! Right this way, sir."
Beck: "Seems she vowed seventy years ago to never sit down. So they call her Khardi Amma. Literally translated, Standing Mother. Because she just stands there, I reckon."

"We were neither Christians nor Hindus in that moment, only people with a common aim. To keep the species alive."

Ugh. Confirmation at least of the gross perspective this story is coming from. Only a Christian would find that concept lovely, in the same way that only a racist thinks reverse racism exists. In the same way that "color blind" is synonymous with "white," and "gender" is only a concern if you're a woman, the prevailing privilege here is simple: When you're on top, of course you think everything is equal. Why do minorities always make such a big deal out of everything, when things are fine from where I'm standing? Why are feminists so screechy and complain-y, when women get everything they want all the time? Why can't we all just get along, under the big Christian umbrella? Why is everybody so bad at being a straight white guy?

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