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Haha, even the previouslies where they desperately scramble to explain what the hell is going on. Even when the specific thing that we're doing is to make sense of this shit, it's still just words, clocks, people, old lady, clock, screaming, clocks. Really all you need is just that one guy saying, "He was a holy man, he was a noble man, he was a Nazi officer." In twenty years if you ask me the best thing that happened in 2013 to me personally it will be, "I heard a dude say this on a TV show. Are you ready?"


"Two is the number of love, life's everlasting breath. Sometimes its blind pursuit leads not to life, but death."

How can you tell this is a dream sequence? It's not as simple as the fact that nothing makes sense, the weird Nazi poem, we're dropped in medias res into some randos running around some kind of compound for no reason, and Goose literally only says the name "Jacinda" and the descriptive phrase, "My wife," over and over and over. So how can you possible tell? Is it when the locusts -- alert: new Thing, on this show full of Things -- start divebombing the window, just as they've saved Jacinda from the nobody that kidnapped her? No, still no. The only way you can figure out it's a dream sequence is that Hank wakes up immediately after the locusts show up, gasping and saying, "It was just a dream!"

Hank: "It was just a dream!"
FBI: "But Hank, it was just a dream."
Hank: "But it felt so real!"
FBI: "I don't care, my husband died on an airplane and now we're on an airplane, so I have to get weird real fast."
Hank: "That's very sad but may I remind you my wife was just in India, where we just left?"
FBI: "You're right. Thanks for reminding me. Now let's review the facts, such as they are."

Literally this is the dialogue at this point:

"Vincent's after these clocks. And these clocks, they seem to have a map in them. Which leads to what? I don't know and I don't care. I just wanna find out where he's keeping her."

FBI: "Maybe instead of where -- since we know where, it's India, we just flew away from it and are landing back in NYC for the third episode running -- you should ask why."
Hank: "Why what. Why did he kidnap her? Because of clocks."
FBI: "No, why did he keep her alive? He always kills his hostages. You know, because that's how hostages work."

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