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Streep: "Let me do some of this Einstein math from the quantum chalkboard real quick... This is really hard, figuring out the secret of energy that he erased. Don't worry, though. I can do it."
Skeptikids: "Like Post-Its filled with poems, math is something you can't see, but we can see it. Because of science."
Streep: "Oh, I see the problem. Part of this was erased."
Skeptikids: "Uh huh, go on."
Streep: "It was a cryptovariable!"
Skeptikids: "You don't say."
Streep: "Shh, I have to do more math. I have to do all the math."


FBI Lady: "I am about this close to not believing in things."
Girl Skeptic: "Did you know that in the hospital, the last thing Einstein asked for was a piece of paper and a pencil?"
FBI Lady: "This is so stupid. Everything is so stupid. I just want to lose control of myself in a crazy lady rage and shoot a terrorist. Why do we have to go through this retardedly elaborate goat rodeo with the clocks and the cryptovariables and the..."
Girl Skeptic: "So he wrote down a thing we will find out later. And then apparently, while in the middle of dying, he took that clock and he buried it..."
Streep: "At the Einstein monument under a tree that you can see from here. Where nobody would ever think to look for it."

Hank finds some pushpins scattered around and, since every other romance flashback has immediately preceded a scene where that thing is the next thing that happens, he can be forgiven for suddenly tearing off into the street like an idiot, Hansel and Greteling his way across the campus and across New Jersey and across the whole world just picking up thumbtacks. Guess what, it wasn't Jacinda. It was White Vincent. The guy everybody is looking for, that they find every episode, just like Carmen Sandiego! Guess this show is over now, huh?


White Vincent: "So you found me again. Tell me, Kommandant, was it the thumbtacks or your very useful skills of believing everything people tell you no matter how dumb?"
Hank: "It was both, White Vincent!"
White Vincent: "I guess just like in every other episode, we should chat. Cross your fingers I don't get suddenly bonkers."
Hank: "Sure, I've got time."
White Vincent: "How and where did you meet your wife? Are your memories real or are you just a clone of a holy Nazi man?"

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Zero Hour




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