Zero Hour

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Jacinda: "Good thing I'm not a person, just your hot wife. Hey, spit out your gum into my hand."


Hank: "And ever since then, she would point at her mouth and I would remember to take the gum out of my mouth, as if I were goddamn five years old and she was my motherfucking piano teacher."
FBI: "Yeah, I'm just gonna leave that part out. Also, I speak French of course."

Jacinda carved PR642 into one of the desks, but sadly there is no gum so I guess it was a red herring. Oh! That was the clue. I get it now, show.

Hank's Dad: "That's a phone number in Jersey, of course!"
Nobody: "Are you for serious that you're in this episode solely and preposterously to recognize this random number from the Thirties like that?"
Hank's Dad: "Also to act super sketch about you being a Nazi officer, of course."
Boy One: "Okay, that is a number in Princeton New Jersey. Let's go there."
Hank: "We don't need to find a clock to know where Vincent's going. We have Laila. And also how stupid that I even needed to say that."


MSODMGS: "We're going to figure out who that phone number belonged to!"
Hank: "You mean like by looking in a phone book?"
FBI: "It could take all day, frankly."
Hank: "Or just go to the Library."
Fr. Roc: "Cool, cool. I am going to go play poker with my priest friends, and see if they can explain to me all about a secret society that is a millennia-old secret. I will be very subtle."


White Vincent: "Tell me another cutesy barf story about your marriage I don't care about."
Jacinda: "Maybe later. Right now I want to needle you about how you should probably kill me and yet you do not."
White Vincent: "Oh, were you expecting me to answer a direct question? Were you not aware that I am bonkers? Did you somehow forget that part?"
Jacinda: "Please, mister. Return me to my owner before he gets mad!"


Parents: "Father Roc, before you leave, could you tell us what is going on with Hank? Is it like a doppelgänger? Because we are Nazis, you should know that."
Fr. Roc: "I don't care about any of this. Also we're not friends. Your son is kind of a dickhole, frankly. Not that it keeps us from skying for him."

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Zero Hour




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