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Do The Reich Thing

Goose: "Please clarify."
Fr. Roc: "You're so skeptical! Okay, what this diamond tells me is that there are secret priests in the world that kept using a language for two thousand years, just to talk about this one specific thing with the clocks."
Skeptics: "Why would a mercenary want things to do with this? Is it treasure they are after?"
Fr. Roc, verbatim: "We're rewriting history books here, Hank."
Skeptics: "Hope you get your throat slit, saying shit like that. Why do we all talk like this?"

Fr. Roc: "This is the Rosicrucians. Just kidding, it isn't. Just kidding, it is."
Skeptics: "The who? We are not very good at our jobs."
Fr. Roc: "I guess we have time for me to explain that. A thing everybody knows already."
Goose: "So if they're this hidden Christian cabal that are obsessed with the Apocalypse, then ... what is this thing on this map? Is it a clock?"
Fr. Roc: "Well, it's a map, and that's a clearly marked location, so do you think it's a clock?"
Goose: "No, I think it's a place."
Fr. Roc: "Why on earth would you think that. God you are stupid."
Goose: "What is it?"
Fr. Roc: "It is so stupid you have to wait this whole episode to find out. Spoiler, it will make you barf. Literally you will vomit."
Goose: "I am already committed to spending most of this entire pilot episode looking 98% there already."


Goose: "Hello? Is this my wife?"
White Vincent: "No, it is a weirdo."

"Do you know, Henry David Galliston, that you lived before? You're just a shadow of the past cast forward in time. Your name is no more 'Henry' than mine is... whatever they're calling me these days. Brother, if you knew the real truth, you'd lose your mind. As I've lost mine."

What White Vincent Is Literally Saying: Nonsense.
What I Think White Vincent Is Saying: "We are both Nazi babies."
What He Is Actually Saying: "I am the Nazi baby, and you are an Apostle of Christ who is possibly also a clone and may well be a Nazi baby on top of that. And a clock also. Can you deal with that? No? Then I am just going to be cryptic for a minute."

Goose, verbatim: "I'll do you a solid."
Goose, verbatim: "The FBI is onto you in a big way!"

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Zero Hour




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