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Bachelor Pad

Suspended Animation



Bad Girls Club

Band of Brothers

They were brave men. They were complex men. And, thanks to Spanks’s crack casting agents, they were also hot men. (Well, except David Schwimmer.) The Tom Hanks/Steven Spielberg-produced HBO mini-series only spanned ten episodes, but the eye candy will feed us forever: Damian Lewis, Ron Livingston, the third extra from the back in that one scene in the middle…they’re all pretty. And pretty brave. Relive the World War II heroics, offensives, and friendships ripped from the Stephen Ambrose biography; then, bask in the added glow of suppressed man-love and unbridled fan lust that only an TWoP recap can provide.

Bands on the Run

It may have been the perfect reality show — the best rock-and-roll behind-the-scenes docu-drama since Spinal Tap, and some of the worst music since Warrant’s power ballad “Heaven.” We’re talking about VH1′s Bands on the Run, which for one perfect season made Mr. Stupidhead and Alex Richmond very, very happy recappers. We knew it couldn’t last.

Bates Motel


Battlestar Galactica

Despite some less-than-stellar episodes and an infuriating finale, this generally brilliant, provocative and utterly relevant reimagining of the failed late ’70s series set a new standard for television drama – and we don’t just mean science-fiction.

Beautiful Life

This modeling drama was cancelled by The CW due to measly ratings after just two episodes. If only a fraction of excecutive Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter followers had bothered tuning in, it may have had a chance. It’s a relief to know that even Kutcher’s fans don’t take him or his “work” seriously.

Being Human

Bethenny Ever After

Big Bang Theory

Big Brother


Big Love

Consider this a divorce.

Big Shots

Two episodes was two too many for us.

Biggest Loser


Bionic Woman

We liked her better on EastEnders.

Birds of Prey

What worked for Smallville should have worked in Gotham City, right? The WB certainly thought so. Turning a comic book in a television show is fraught with risks, since the ready-made audience can be hypercritical of any changes between their beloved printed version and what finally makes it to air. But if one change is that the comic book is good and the television show kind of, well, sucks, then you’re done for, cult audience or not. And stop sending us email. We’re not the WB, we didn’t cancel the show, and we’re not putting it back on the air.

Boardwalk Empire



It turns out that all the hardcore Angel fans really aren’t that interested in watching David Boreanaz pretend to be a former sniper turned FBI agent who works with a forensic anthropologist to solve crime cases. Or it could have been the writing. Or the magnificently ridiculous crime-solving tools. Or the fact that there are eight million other crime procedurals on television, and this one was either too different, or just not different enough. Whatever the reason, no one cared, and you can go ahead and insert your own “Bore-eanaz” joke here.

Book of Daniel

Despite all of the controversy stirred up by ultra-religious types, not enough people were interested in the tale of an Episcopalian priest with a messed-up family situation and an “imaginary” friend named Jesus. As in the Son of God. It just goes to show, once again, that publicity will only take you so far, and isn’t enough to overcome a Friday-night time slot.


What if Donnie Wahlberg took off his shirt and nobody cared? What happens is he stops taking his shirt off, and the scripts go to hell and the premise of the show gets scrapped and somehow somebody still gave Boomtown a Peabody Award. They reran episodes on Bravo, but still nobody cared. Revisit one strange year of daddy issues, little rich girl problems, a crazy wife who may or may not have killed her child, convenient murders, easy-to-catch crooks, and a whole lot of pointing and punching. We never found out why they nicknamed L.A. “Boomtown,” but that’s probably because we never cared enough. That’s the Hollywood spirit!



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