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Rock Star

After helping INXS to find a new lead singer in the un-recapped Season 1, Rock Star returned in Season 2 with an attempt to launch a brand-new supergroup called “Supernova.” The ultimate results ended up being more like a black hole in almost every imaginable way, so CBS quietly (and wisely) stopped trying to make music history for a while. Rock off.


We come not to praise Rome, but to bury it. For two seasons, we watched everyman protagonists Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo as they Forrest Gumped their way through two decades of Roman history without aging a day. They lived through Julius Caesar’s conquest of Gaul, his assassination, and Mark Antony’s eventual defeat by Octavian. This was an HBO version of events, where the “B” stands for “blood, beheadings, boobies, boinking, and blue language.” But when the crushing expense of all those sets, costumes, props, and extras (and only one major battle) caught up, Rome was history in more ways than one.


No one could have expected that this WB-cum-UPN show about approximately four-to-seven-or-so aliens living undercover in New Mexico would capture the hearts and minds of America for three stunning years of blazing success. And then it didn’t. So everyone was right. Relive three years of Max’s rapid aging, Michael’s rapid waist-expansion, and Liz’s voice-over profundities right here.


Was this glacially paced code-breaker drama just AMC’s way of punishing us for not watching their Prisoner remake?


Donnie Wahlberg was framed for murder, so he took his family on the run and moved to where nobody could find him. Including viewers. Smooth move, Ex-lax.



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