Back Breaking

Breaking Bad, Dexter and Burn Notice return for their final seasons, while there's no end in sight for Pretty Little Liars, Big Brother or the Jersey Housewives. Plus: The Newsroom lets us relive the recent past all over again.

New in Town

Fresh shows serious and campy are coming about life under a dome, mistresses, devious maids, wicked moms, twisted teens, total divas and more.

Drama Queens

Can The Bling Ring steal moviegoers away? Check out summer's more serious side.

Super Blockbusters

With Man of Steel, White House Down, Pacific Rim, The Wolverine, The Lone Ranger, Elysium, Kick-Ass 2 and many more, this will be a huge summer for popcorn flicks.

Comic Relief

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy bring The Heat, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson land an Internship and Seth Rogen and Simon Pegg each face the world's end in this season's comedies.

Family Fare

How appropriate are the summer films targeting kids? How painful will they be for parents to sit through? We evaluate Despicable Me 2, Pixar's Planes, a Percy Jackson sequel and more.




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