Tubey Awards

Tubey Awards Week 3: Getting Into Character

by Angel Cohn August 4, 2008 8:00 am

Last week you had a chance to sound off on the wild world of reality. This week we're back to those scripted shows, but get ready to pick on those characters you love to hate, or just plain hate. After the jump is our of week's nominees. So get to voting now, or look ahead to which categories are still to come in the next few weeks. And if you need a little help getting started with the voting, click here for some helpful hints.

Favorite Character
Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl
Dr. House, House
Barney Stinson, How I Met Your Mother
Sawyer, Lost
Dean Winchester, Supernatural

Least Favorite Character
Izzie Stevens, Grey's Anatomy
Meredith Grey, Grey's Anatomy
Kate Austen, Lost
Jack Shephard, Lost
Lana Lang, Smallville

Most Unwelcome New Character
Lilah, Dexter
Nurse Rose, Grey's Anatomy
Maya Herrera, Heroes
Thirteen, House
Bela Talbot, Supernatural

Most Redemptive Character in a Sucky Show
Sarah Corvus, Bionic Woman
Dr. Miranda Bailey, Grey's Anatomy
Josef, Moonlight
Chloe Sullivan, Smallville
Berta, Two and a Half Men

Character Most in Need of Being Killed Off
Izzie Stevens, Grey's Anatomy
Maya Hererra, Heroes
Thirteen, House
Jack Shephard, Lost
Kate, Lost

Best Sidekick
Donna Noble, Doctor Who
Dr. Wilson, House
Burton "Gus" Guster, Psych
Sock, Reaper
Dwight Schrute, The Office

Best Badass
John Casey, Chuck
Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl
Benjamin Linus, Lost
Sayid Jarrah, Lost
Dean Winchester, Supernatural

Best Villain
The Master/Harold Saxon, Doctor Who
Sylar, Heroes
Benjamin Linus, Lost
Keamy, Lost
The devil, Reaper

Least Villainous Villain
Zach, Bones
Georgina Sparks, Gossip Girl
Adam Monroe, Heroes
Benjamin Linus, Lost
Lex Luthor, Smallville

Best Cartoon
American Dad
Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Family Guy
Kim Possible
King of the Hill
Robot Chicken
South Park
The Simpsons
The Spectacular Spider-Man




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