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A-List Awards — An Insiders Look

by admin June 5, 2008 4:37 pm
A-List Awards — An Insiders Look

It's not often that the entire TWoP editorial staff gets invited to go out of the office together (probably for good reason) but someone at Bravo was crazy enough to invite us all to the taping of the upcoming A-List Awards. So we got all gussied up, and I do mean gussied, and headed down to the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City for a swanky night of gawking at Project Runway and Top Chef stars, hovering around the open bar and waiting for a fight to break out between the Real Housewives of New York and Orange County.

Let's just say, if you are thinking, "Oh good god do we really need another awards show?" don't panic. This isn't like watching a traditional awards show, this is more akin to the MTV Movie Awards, except funnier and classier. The show airs next Thursday at 10 PM, but here are ten things to look forward to.

1. Hostess with the mostess Kathy Griffin sings, models, disses celebs, ignores the rules about swearing and shows more skin than you can imagine. So does a certain member of 'NSync.
2. Lauren Hutton gives a mostly incoherent talk about something, we're not entirely sure what. It might have had something to do with global warming, but we're thinking that the world's first supermodel may have taken advantage of the open bar before hitting the stage. This will be a DVR-worthy moment to be played over and over until her true meaning becomes clear. Or maybe we can just laugh again.
3.You'll actually get to see Tom Colicchio cook... sort of.
4. Kathy's not the only funny lady in the room, she's got some competition from Margaret Cho (who does a fierce Heidi Klum impression) and Caroline Rhea (who knows how to get the celebrities to love her).
5. The most awesome man on the street interviews ever. Let's just say, we hope we don't run into Billy Eichner with a camera in his hands.
6. A fabulous fashion show (for charity) with dresses designed by former Runway peeps. 7. A Real Housewives rumble. Not the brawl we were wishing for, but some serious smack talk going on.
8. Jerry Springer making some inappropriate comments to a woman less than half of his age.
9. The acceptance speech for the A-List actor award. What, you didn't think we were going to tell you who gave the speech, did you?
10. In Memoriam. We can't say more, but let's just say, this one will have you crying tears of laughter.

Off-stage there were also a lot of wild things going on. Our eyes were glued to Top Chef's Ilan, Runway's Jay McCarroll and Top Design's Matt hanging out in the front row, wearing sunglasses, enjoying the open bar and laughing hysterically and shouting back at everything happening on stage. Some other things we nosily observed:
Too cool for school Tom Coliccihio hanging in the back for a while instead of returning to his primo seat.
Top Chef's Harold (Season 1) asking Hung (Season 4) who Tila Tequila was.
Real Housewives of New York hubby Mario trying to shield his daughter Avery from all the dirty words (and there were a lot) spewed on stage for the entire show.
Tron Guy (a cewebrity nominee) wearing his light up suit and just glowing when the lights went out.
RHoNY's The Countess introducing her tween son to Tila Tequila (he seemed totally mortified)

We tried hard to behave in public and not accost the celebrities (though I personally had a really hard time not throwing my arms around Dale from TC Season 3 and giving him a big hug) or get all sloppy and drunk at the open bar (which we mostly succeed at) and generally have a good time being out and about. We assure you, this isn't an ordinary awards show and while there will likely be a good deal of bleeping out of the monstrous amount of cussing that was going on, it should still be more entertaining than watching the second episode of Swingtown.

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