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The World According to… Anyone But Paris

by Sophia Wetlaufer June 1, 2011 1:33 pm
The World According to… Anyone But Paris

We're not sure that anyone actually demanded an inside look at Paris Hilton's life, but nevertheless, Oxygen is rolling out The World According to Paris this week. To be honest, we'll probably tune in only because we think she's strangely fascinating and, whether you like it or not, extremely talented in the art of self-promotion (for example: a show called The World According to Paris airing on Oxygen). But with that said, there are plenty of other celebrities that we would've rather seen as the focus of a series like this. Here's just a few:

Seven Things We Didn’t Know About Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

It's been almost three years, but we still can't stop thinking about Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Joss Whedon's groundbreaking musical supervillain web series. Granted, that may be partially because Whedon's follow-up, Dollhouse, failed to set the world on fire, but Horrible was still unlike anything we'd seen before, and had great performances from Neil Patrick Harris, Felicia Day and Nathan Fillion in the lead roles. A book about the show, complete with scripts and sheet music, hit stores today, and we snagged ourselves a copy, only to find a plethora of factoids that delighted our Horribleness-craving eyes. They're not earth-shakers, like that the series was filmed in Esperanto and dubbed into English or anything, but they're fun and cute, just like the show itself. Read on, for seven of the most Hammertastic.

The TV Toys We Wish They'd Unveiled At Toy Fair 2011

The International Toy Fair is happening in New York this week, and we were surprised to see that AMC's The Walking Dead has become the latest TV show to get action figures, after only six episodes. While zombie toys are always a good thing, we can't help but be disappointed that the lackluster horror series got toys, when some of our favorite current TV shows didn't. Here are some toy lines we wish they'd announced instead.

We Are Sorely Disappointed by the Size Availability of the Glee Clothing Line

Remember when Macy's tried to get a Glee float in their Thanksgiving Day parade? Well, they must really like Glee -- or, you know, money -- because they just announced a line of Glee apparel that will hit their stores on Sunday. That, plus the announcement of a new comic book about the cast seems to be the world of brand merchandising finally catching up with the insanely popular TV show (although the comic is more of an unauthorized biography). While we look forward to the day when Macy's expands their line of T-shirts and hoodies to sizes bigger than "juniors," we have some more ideas for Glee-themed clothing and merchandise we'd like to see.

TWoP 10: Movie Directors Who Should Make Reality Shows

Never a man to be put in one corner, Michael Bay is branching out into television, teaming with the production company behind Top Chef and the old Project Runway to produce a new reality show called One Way Out, in which people with mysterious pasts will compete against each other in a game with no rules. And vague as that is, it still somehow sounds entertaining as hell, doesn't it? He is the popcorn king, after all. Which got us thinking about other directors who should be making reality shows, and what those shows could be about.

Shows That Should Follow Glee‘s Lead and Hit the Road

Conan O'Brien is reportedly going to announce a comedy tour, while reality shows like Dancing With the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance and American Idol have already done live shows. And Glee recently announced concert dates that include two nights at Radio City Music Hall. So why don't more TV shows head out around the country during their hiatuses for some up close and personal interactions with their fans? Heck, we think even dramas could be adapted to the live environment, with a little bit of imagination. Here's how:

Happy Holidays From TWoP: Free Tubey Screensavers

by TWoP Staff November 23, 2009 4:44 pm
Happy Holidays From TWoP: Free Tubey Screensavers

In the spirit of the season, TWoP is pleased to offer its readers not one, not two, but three free screensavers to download, all featuring our devilish little mascot himself.

One screensaver covers your monitor in an infinite number of little black, white and yellow Tubeys. Think of it as our version of The Matrix, or of the snow that used to appear on dead TV channels.
Download PC Version | Download Mac Version

Another screensaver features Tubey in animated action, making his cute little way across your monitor in surprising fashion.
Download PC Version | Download Mac Version

Our final screensaver features Tubey hidden in the show-specific artwork that appear at the top of our recaps. Try to spot him before the images change!
Download PC Version | Download Mac Screensaver

Friday Night Lights: 5 Reason’s We’re Tempted to Get DIRECTV

We were lucky enough to get a screener of the season premiere of Friday Night Lights (it debuted last night on DIRECTV and will air sometime in 2010 on NBC for the rest of us mortals) and after watching it, I'm not sure that I can wait until midseason for my fix of this show. The premiere was just that good. I wish I could get DIRECTV at my house... or at least find a friend who would let me visit every Wednesday. Here are the five things I liked most about the episode and that had me reconsidering my television provider. Fair warning, spoilers ahead.

Lost Season 2: Now in Book Form

by Mindy Monez June 16, 2009 3:08 pm
Lost Season 2: Now in Book Form In case you didn't purchase all the Lost official magazines when they were on the stands because of course you didn't purchase all the Lost official magazines or most likely even one of them when they were on the stands, the best issues pertaining to Season 2 have been put in book form for your convenience. Lost: Messages from the Island will be released on June 30, and I've gone through the advance copy the publisher sent us to let you know whether it's worth purchasing or not. My verdict: medium? It's medium worth purchasing, I guess?

Obviously You Need These Golden Girls Dolls

by Lauren Gitlin January 6, 2009 2:35 pm
Obviously You Need These Golden Girls Dolls Hang it all! It just figures that I'm being made aware of this creepy-ass website that sells homemade dolls modeled on cult TV and film characters after I'd already dispensed my Hannukah wish list and given all of my various friends and relatives subsequent tongue-lashings for not adhering to said list. (Yes, in fact I DO need a cat fountain, but these Macy's gift cards will do I suppose.)



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