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Girls: The Good, the Bad and the Funny

I don't know about y'all, but I'm sick of reading about why Girls is completely unrealistic, why it's unfair that it's the only show for getting flack about being white-washed and why it's time to stop using "white" as a pejorative. I don't necessarily completely disagree with what anyone is here saying (in most cases), but given that I've already written about the politics surrounding the show twice now, I want to write about them again as much (i.e. as little) as you want to read about them. Instead, let's dive right into "All Adventurous Women Do," one of the sexiest episodes of TV I've ever seen.

The Good
Hello, Marnie. While my first thought at the sight of Lonely Island's Jorma Taccone as a sexpot artist was, "You're telling me the 'Stork Patrol' guy is supposed to be cool? Is he going tell her about his penis? Try some signature moves?" But by the time Marnie locked herself in that bathroom, I was more like... this. The sexual tension was fantastic, and allowing us to see a turned-on woman (have I mentioned that I refuse to call any of them "girls"?) actually satisfying her desire through a quick masturbation sesh was awesome.

I also enjoyed the scenes with Hannah grappling with her newly-discovered HPV. It'd be an inaccuracy to write about modern young women having sex without addressing the extremely common STD. I thought Girls gave a nice little health class lesson in there through her conversations with Marnie, Shoshanna and her now-gay ex-boyfriend Elijah (Andrew Rannells). I love that Jessa spun her "like, a couple strains" of HPV into the titular something that "all adventurous women do," allowing Girls to use normal-neurotic Shoshanna to both reclaim and destigmatize it in one fell swoop. Then at the end of the episode when Hannah and Marnie ended their sexually stressful nights by dancing together to Robyn's "Dancing On My Own," I briefly has one of those moments where I felt like a Girls true believer.

The Bad
Adam's character is at times just too over-the-top dickish for me to even enjoy watching him. Last night's biggest "We get it, Show" moment for me was the awkward line "My best dyke friend works for a dick doctor, and I don't have that shit," regarding getting tested for HPV. Like, really? This is how you're going to have this character talk?

Then there's Jessa and the father of the kids she's babysitting for (or simply "Wade Messer" for all of the Justified fans out there). I can't quite tell if I thought her whole storyline was contrived from the moment we saw her "floor-length" outfit, or if I'm maybe getting invested into the storyline, or if I just really like Kathryn Hahn, but I don't want them to ever have a scene together again.

Then there's Marnie's boss, who uttered the lines "Julian, be a lamb. Go and grab my tit tape" and "You know what I say about men who fuck Asian women?" And seriously, what is with this show and its terrible writing when it comes to cupcakes? Why must Hannah eat them in bathrooms? Stop the madness!

The Funny

Mickey Mouse Without the Ears
Marnie: "Thanks for telling me about the cancer. Now I look like a total asshole."

Hannah's Goth Outfit
Charlie: "You look like you're gonna put a hex on some popular girls."
Hannah: "Oh, okay, American History X."
Charlie: "Oh, yeah. Have fun. Go tweet that."

The One Adam Line I Actually Enjoyed
"Yo, your shit's blowin' up."

Living Well is the Best Revenge
Hannah: "She's always like, liking my Facebook status. It's such a weird aggressive move. It's like, "Oh, sorry I passed you an STD but I enjoy your quirky web presence"
And then, after Marnie brings up rent: "I have pre-cancer!"

A Day in the Life
Shoshanna wrapped up in a blanket intensely watching Baggage on the Game Show Network was outstanding, specifically:
Shoshanna: "My littlest baggage would probably be my IBS. And my medium baggage would be that I truly don't love my grandmother..."
Hannah: "Like you don't love her at all?"
Shoshanna: "Mm-mm."

A Classic Whodunit
Hannah: "He broke up with me because he needed 'space,' but then he called me every day for six months, crying, so."

Kind Words
Elijah: "You were never fat. You were soft and round, like a dumpling."

Men Can't Be Tested for HPV
Elijah: "And your boyfriend would know that had he even taken an intro level Human Sexuality Workshop."

I Just Blue Myself
Hannah: "In what way does my father read 'gay' to you?"
Elijah: "Uh, well, he has a stud in his ear."
Hannah: "He got it on a trip he took with a bunch of his male friends... I heard what that sounded like."

Fighting It Out
In case you can't tell, I thought the conversation between Hannah and Elijah was hilarious, capped perfectly by:
Hannah: "I'm gonna have the last word in this situation."
Elijah: "It was nice to see you..."
Hannah: "No!"
Elijah: "...Your dad is gay."

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