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Girls: The Good, the Bad and the Funny

In my younger and more vulnerable years, I went bright-eyed to a few warehouse extravaganzas in Bushwick in hopes that one would be the "Best Party Ever" and I can attest that the party featured in last night's "Welcome to Bushwick a.k.a. The Crackcident" is upsettingly accurate, except for the fact that the characters didn't have to scream just to hear each other... and that some of them ended up having a pretty okay time. I strongly believe that if you could go to one of those parties and not come out hating all of mankind, there is something inherently wrong with you or you actually did crack.

Otherwise, "Welcome to Bushwick" did a fine job creating a lot of set-up while moving the plot along. We got to see Hannah and Adam act like two human beings with emotions and thoughts, Marnie get booted off her high horse, Jessa make a mature decision and Shoshanna's impressive self-defense skills. With three episodes left in the season, I'm interested to see where Girls is going to go and relieved that people have seemed to finally stop obsessively taking out all of their anger with modern society on it. Let's look at the good, the bad and the funny -- and I don't just mean Jessa's feathered getup, which falls under all three categories. (And how fun was the title card changing colors and language and playing Jennifer Lopez's "On the Floor" (featuring Pitbull)? Girls should pull a Weeds Season 2 and play music from different artists every episode.)

The Good

So I guess all of this sexual perversion and psychoanalysis was actually building up to something: Adam is a real live person and just because he's not as neurotic, insecure and horribly self-absorbed as Hannah, it doesn't mean his thoughts and feelings don't exist. Who knew? Aside from the part where Tako took off a bottle cap with her teeth, I really enjoyed seeing him with his friends (who all happened to be lesbians) and actually learning about him. In addition to the more introspective "You don't want to know me. You want to come over in the night and have me fuck the dog shit out of you then you wanna leave and write about it in your diary," my favorite moments of them together were when he accidentally flung Hannah off of his bike, because it reminded me of something that would happen to Miss Piggy, and the final scene in the crammed cab with miserable Marnie after the two decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

Speaking of Marnie, I loved seeing her go from indignant to humiliated throughout the episode, all building up to Elijah calling her out on her ridiculous selfishness. I'm not a fan of male characters teaching female characters a lesson (I get enough of that on Glee), but the juxtaposition between the men and women last night was really nice, as it also allowed us to see how sensitive the menfolk are as well. Girls captured the awkwardness of talking to your ex freshly after the wound and I'm especially happy that Charlie has already found a new lady -- it was a fun comedic moment and finally made Marnie conscious of the fact that she wasn't that monumental of a girlfriend... and later with Elijah, it finally hit her that she's never been much of a good friend either.

The Bad

Teetering on Good/Bad, I continue to hate everything about Jessa and Jeff and their gross little romance. I'm glad this episode made him look like "the guy" who "brings a bottle of wine to a party like this" and that eventually Jessa realized that sleeping with him would be masochistic. We're obviously not supposed to root for their hook-up (a fact made extremely clear by casting Kathryn Hahn as his wife), but that doesn't mean I don't hate watching their scenes together... except for when the punks beat the crap out of Jeff. That, I like.

Oh, while there seemed to be some people of color at the party -- including Charlie's new partly Native American girlfriend -- the closest we got to acknowledging other cultural lifestyles was Shoshanna mentioning that her sports medicine class was full of Indian girls rather than jocks. Getting used as a punchline counts as inclusion, right?

The Funny

Hipsters Hate Hyperbole
Hannah: "Okay, 'Best Party Ever' -- to me, that's like saying 'Best Gym Ever' or 'Best Nature Documentary Ever,' like how good can it really be?"

Shoshanna, (Jewish-American) Princess of Greetings
"I'm so happy to see you, I could murder you."

I Think This Might Actually Be a Thing
Ray: "And to whoever brought a fucking baby, you don't bring a baby to a party like this. Use your fucking head."

Guess Who?
Tako: "I just assumed everyone who knew him -- like, I mean, really knew him -- knew that. That's like, the main thing defining about him, isn't it? Well, that and his love of books."
Hannah: "Well he's got like, huge ears."

Oi! Vey
Punk: "Crusty, really? You're gonna reduce us to a subculture and then not accurately name the subculture? Nice."
Jessa: "I bet you were born on a dirt floor."

Shoshanna on Crack
My favorites part of it were her not wearing pants, revealing her inexplicable mutant strength after kicking Ray in the balls and then explaining it with this line: "I think it was probably the crack."

Karate Chop Apologies
Elijah: "That's a delicate spot for me."

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