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Girls: The Good, the Bad and the Funny

Good news, Girls viewers: James Franco has finally broke his silence and weighed in on what he thinks of Lena Dunham's HBO sitcom, only seven episodes into the series. Oh, and the New York Times has decided to blame those pesky fans of the show for using their no-doubt computer illiterate parents' HBO Go accounts to watch Girls because it's not like anyone had been doing that for any other shows since the very beginning of HBO Go. At least, that's what one investigative journalist found by doing a basic search on Twitter. Thanks, guys!

Speaking of menfolk, "Weirdos Need Girlfriends Too" revolved around male anger and how women respond to it. I've mentioned before that Girls has an advantage over other TV shows because it covers a subject matter that has been long ignored: what it's like to be a 20-something woman in our sometimes progressive, but often misogynistic society, and this episode was no exception to that. There were moments that this show could only pull off because no one else has done it yet, some that just didn't work at all and then a few (though less than usual) laughs.

The Good
So Adam and Hannah are boyfriend and girlfriend now? Though it's my first instinct to reject their new status, I've seen relationships like this actually happen as quickly and awkwardly. As a TV critic, it's interesting to see their characters develop over the course of a few episodes and watch the two grow into each other. However, as a woman in her 20s who sees my friends date guys who are potentially great but clearly bogged down by their own personal issues and then take it out on my friends, it's disheartening... just like it is to see your friend mope over their ex's Facebook pictures with their new girlfriend. Stay strong, Marnie.

Anyway, the best thing about this episode was the aforementioned male anger. Rather than turning this into A Very Special Episode, Girls has Hannah make it clear that she's not okay with how Adam is dealing with his obvious self-control issues and, after a good bout of shame for both of them, allows Adam to apologize and look like he's going to really put in the effort to stop acting quite so self-destructive. Sure, the "SORRY" street art was cheesy, but I thought the show pulled it off his too-late and frankly kind of pointless apology nicely. If Girls can indeed write male anger correctly, this won't be the last time Adam has a meltdown. I'm interested to see how Hannah will handle it next time.

The Bad

Then there was Marnie, Jessa and guest star Chris O'Dowd (who you may remember as the generic nice guy from Bridesmaids who taught Kristen Wiig's character how to bake again, or something) with an equally upsetting look at male anger. Unfortunately, while I love that Girls addressed that no matter how rich their daddy is or how little you can tolerate their cupcake-eating rituals, no woman owes a single thing to any man, sexually speaking, O'Dowd's performance was painfully ham-fisted. His character had potential to be complex, but instead, his mash-ups and Entourage references spoiled what could have been a series highlight into an on-the-nose scene about how crazy and terrible dudes can be. On the bright side, Jessa lost her job so we don't have to see terrible Jeff anymore!

The Funny
Again, not the strongest episode laughs-wise. Here's hoping for more Shoshanna next week. Until then:

I Would Hate to Live with Hannah
"Would you have fucked the four year old me?"
"I was only two."
"How fat were you, be honest. That's what I thought. You were probably a really late walker. You were probably toilet-trained really late."

Adam, Advice Guru
Adam: "Hannah, don't minimize. That shit's really hard."

Why This Show Isn't Called Best Friends Forever
Jessa: "It's like, you've come this far. Wash your forehead."

Men, Amirite?
Marnie: "Like, I walked into the bathroom the other day -- I kid you not -- he was sitting there taking a shit and drinking milk at the same time. And just stared at me."

Sex Ed on HBO
Jessa: "I didn't grow breasts for a very long time, and sex without breasts is creepy."

The One Point O'Dowd's Character Had
"What are you doing wearing a fucking bowler hat?"

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