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Girls: The Good, the Bad and the Funny

As is the case with most penultimate episodes, "Leave Me Alone" was primarily a set-up for Girls' Season 1 finale, which we're going into with Hannah and Marnie no longer living together, Jessa maybe actually trying to get her life together and Shoshanna internet dating. None of the storylines are particularly enthralling, but the teaser for next week included Elijah, so my hopes are cautiously high. Until then, let's look at the episode's highs and lows.

The Good
For starters, this whole sequence:

Marnie: "You are so selfish! This is why you have no friends from preschool."
Hannah: "Uh, I have a lot of friends from preschool, I'm just not speaking to them right now."
Marnie: "No, but you judge everyone, and yet you ask them not to judge you."
Hannah: "That is because no one could ever hate me as much as I hate myself, okay. So any mean thing someone's gonna think of to say about me, I've already said to me, about me, probably in the last half hour."
Marnie: "That is bullshit because I could literally think of a million mean things that have never once occurred to you."

Of the three fights in last night's episode, the overwrought, pent-up argument between Marnie and Hannah (the highlight featured above, of course) was head-and-shoulders above the others. Not only did it feel deserved on both parts, it was painfully realistic -- I swear, I've watched two friends get into an eerily similar argument. It was one of those moments that Girls has done so well; capturing an experience that has been absent on TV that is extremely true-to-life... assuming you're a young woman with years of resentment built up against your best friend/life in general.

On a lighter note: I love the fact that Lena Dunham's conventionally unattractive body can be naked on TV and not used as a punch line, but at this point I'm pretty convinced that it's in her contract that she must show her breasts every single episode. Whatever works.

Anyway, then we have Jessa and Katherine (Kathryn Hahn's character) talking about Jeff's emotional infidelity, with Katherine trying to sort out her feelings and help Jessa move on with her life in one fell swoop. Their conversation walked the line of Good and Bad for me, as the acting was great and the concepts were there, but it was physically dizzying to watch because of the strange choice of camera angles, like some kind of spontaneous Ken Burns documentary. I get what the director was going for, but the choice of zooming in on Jess and Katherine individually with each line of dialogue totally pulled me out of the scene.

The Bad
I'm frankly pretty surprised it took Girls this long to give Jenny Slate a role, as she is exactly the kind of hilarious, New York-based funny lady who is a perfect fit for this show. Unfortunately, I thought her character, Talia Shifrin, was just a little too obvious. Talia and Hannah's ultracompetitive argument was definitely funny, but it was in need of some major editing. On the bright side, her book party allowed the name dropping of NPR's Fresh Air, New York magazine and New York Times, all media outlets that have discussed Dunham and Girls at length... and swiftly-but-gently mocked how much people worship them. I'm surprised Shoshanna didn't describe Talia's book as "For us by us."

The Funny
Big props to the supporting cast last night!

A Good Man is Hard to Find
Adam, walking into the apartment, silently grabbing a jar of mayo from the fridge and then walking into Hannah's room: "Don't come in for like ten minutes."
Also, I liked that he called Hannah "Little Face."

Shoshanna the Optimist
"He works in product development, which is perfect for me because I love products."

Manager Ray
"And don't do some shit where you come back wearing gray flannel sweatpants and a gray Taylor Swift t-shirt to be a dick!"

The Highlight of Fight Number 2
Katherine: "I've had a lot of dreams about you... Ones where I stab you over and over again."
Jessa: "Is there just like, blood gushing?"
Katherine: "Yes. And then I try to cut your body into as many little pieces as I can, and then I start to eat you. I start to eat your body. And then across the room all of a sudden my daughters are there -- they're playing Chinese jump rope -- my mother is breastfeeding Jeff, they all turn to look at me and then I shit you out... but not all of you. And so, I think this means I'm still holding on to some anger."

The To Catch a Predator Rant
Hannah: "That's not really a question."
Audience Member: "I think it is."

The Funniest Interaction of the Evening
Hannah's Teacher, Kyle (Michael Imperioli): "I really enjoyed your piece, Sarah. Your granddad is both a renegade and gentleman."
Sarah: "I'm so glad that came through!"

Two Can Keep a Secret
Marnie: "You've been crazy since middle school, when you had to masturbate eight times a night to 'stave off diseases of the mind and body.'"

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