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Be a Hero for Haiti

by admin January 13, 2010 7:12 pm
Be a Hero for Haiti Jack Coleman, a.k.a. HRG on Heroes, has passed along a special -- and urgent -- message to TWoP: If any reader would like to contribute to relief efforts in Haiti in the wake of the recent devastating earthquake, please consider giving via Hollywood Unites for Haiti, a foundation created by Jimmy Jean-Louis, who plays "The Haitian" on the show. We've heard it's a great way to maximize your charitable dollars since there's less red tape involved. Donate here.

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TWoP's Second Decade: Same Mission, New Tagline?

In January, 2000, was recapping an ambitious sci-fi show created by Joss Whedon (Buffy), a campy high school series produced by Ryan Murphy (Popular) and a teen drama developed by Kevin Williamson (Dawson's Creek), not to mention programs starring Matthew Fox (Party of Five), Calista Flockhart (Ally McBeal), Katherine Heigl (Roswell), Jason Segel (Freaks & Geeks), among many others. Now ten years later, the site is recapping... an ambitious sci-fi show created by Joss Whedon (Dollhouse), a campy high school series produced by Ryan Murphy (Glee) and a teen drama developed by Kevin Williamson (The Vampire Diaries), not to mention programs starring Matthew Fox (Lost), Calista Flockhart (Brothers & Sisters), Katherine Heigl (Grey's Anatomy), Jason Segel (How I Met Your Mother), among many others.

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HBO Exploits Epic Overshare Campaign to Combat Nation's ADD Everyone knows we're a nation of ADD-addled freakazoids with the out-of-sight, out-of-mind mental capacity of a gnat. So it makes sense that some network and cable brass are feeling a little worried about the months that've elapsed since their shows last proffered new episodes. Case in point, HBO's Big Love, which for various reasons mostly owing to the writer's strike hasn't aired a new show since August of '07 (you read that right) and is therefore throwing endless resources into reminding people it exists and is still relevant. Specifically, in keeping with the show's tagline, "Everyone has something to hide," they've constructed eye-level billboards in New York and L.A. equipped with headsets which passers-by can don and listen to random people offering up "secrets," from stealing someone's lunch out of the communal work refrigerator to less wholesome untruths. It's a brilliant ploy, because the Great Hot Mormon trend of '07 might've flamed out, but gossip and secrets never go out of style.

This little flight of marketing fancy might very well succeed in recapturing Big Love viewers and even winning a new audience. But what about some other returning shows without the budget or the creativity to exploit the subconscious desires of the masses? I've decided to be a generous soul (it's my new thing for '09!) and come up with a few ideas for shows that have been off the air so long that their core audience has all but given it up for dead. Just call me Mother Theresa.

11 Things to Do Tonight Instead of Going to a Party

Sure, it's great to go out and be festive or whatnot, but how nice would it be to snuggle up in front of the boob tube and just hang out in PJs? It's not a bad way to ring in the New Year. You don't have to worry about catching a cold from kissing a stranger. If you get really drunk, you don't have to find a taxi or a driver. And there's the extra bonus of not getting gussied up.

Tubeys: The Time Has Come To Talk Of Many Things Tired of us telling you what we think all the time? Don't answer that, it is one of those rhetorical questions. But if you are, now is the time to do something about it. The Tubey Award categories for this year have been chosen and announced, now we want to hear from you on who you think the nominees should be. This isn't like those boring old Emmys where we tell you who we nominated and who wins. We actually give you a say, for a change. So get those thinking caps on and start deciding who should be the most appalling reality star and who the character most in need of killing off is. Then tell us who you've picked here.
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Announcement From The Founders

by admin March 6, 2008 11:06 am
Announcement From The Founders

A Special Message From Bravo Media
Almost one year ago, Bravo Media proudly announced that it had acquired Television Without Pity, praising it as witty, smart, sardonic, and no-holds-barred. Under the editorial guidance of co-founders Tara Ariano, Sarah D. Bunting, and David T. Cole, the site reached record heights in traffic over the past year as it launched new areas featuring blogs, photos, games, and original video, all the while still providing fans with the best show recaps and forums on the Web. It's no wonder that it topped EW's list of 2007's best TV web sites.

But now, after a decade of amazing work (stretching back to, their first project together), the site's founders have decided to pursue dreams and ambitions that will take them beyond TWoP. We will miss their passion, their voice, and their commitment, and we thank them for creating and nurturing a site that will continue to fulfill its mission to be the most opinionated destination for people who love to hate (and hate to love) television.

-- Bravo Media

A Note From the Founders
It is with no small amount of sadness that we make this announcement, it is: the TWoP founders are leaving the site. Our last day will be March 11, 2008.

We really can't express how much we've enjoyed working here with, and for, all of you over the years, and how much we've always appreciated your encouragement and support. Television Without Pity is what it is because of its fantastic users, and you guys kept us going through some tough times (emotionally as well as fiscally). You've made the job fun -- and crazy, but, you know, in a fun way.

Television Without Pity is also what it is because of its awesome staff, so even though the three of us are moving on, that doesn't mean TWoP will stop offering some of the best content and commentary on the internet...and you won't want to miss any of it. But we'll miss you. Thanks again for everything.

-- Wing Chun, Sars, and Glark

Some Quick Notes, Including Nuts To You

by admin January 29, 2008 10:29 am
Some Quick Notes, Including Nuts To You skeet.jpgA few show additions for your Tuesday viewing/anticipating pleasure. We've re-introduced Jericho, the little nuclear engine that kind of, sort of, roughly could; we've added Lipstick Jungle, which even we don't really know as a separate entity from Cashmere Mafia yet; and we're awaiting all manner of Berliantian wonderfulness from Eli Stone.

Carry on.

WOOOO! Mailing Lists!

by admin January 16, 2008 10:11 am
WOOOO! Mailing Lists! We are extremely pleased to report that it appears that we have our mailing lists back up and running. We know this has been a long wait, and we appreciate your patience. If you're not familiar with the mailing lists, this is a way for you to receive an email alert when a recap or weecap from a show you're interested in is posted. You don't get alerts for recaplets, and it's not all or nothing -- you can just pick which shows you want to be informed about. The mailing lists were widely used in their previous incarnation, and we're happy to be able to bring them back. That's the good news.

The less good news is that it's hard to tell how complete the import of the old mailing lists was, so our advice to you is to go and check your subscriptions at the mailing lists page. You may or may not find that you're signed up for all the lists you want, and some shows are new since the last time the functionality worked, so by all means, take the opportunity to check on your subscriptions and make sure that you're signed up for what you want to be signed up for. We sense that the imported lists we've got now is as good as it's going to get, so rather than having everybody report whether you do or don't find yourself missing from lists, just...start from scratch and sign up again.

In other words: mailing lists are open; it's a new day. So get yourself on the lists you want, and we hope it all goes swimmingly from here.

Around TWoP

by admin January 8, 2008 9:46 am
Around TWoP rockoflove_17_123x123.jpgWe've been hearing that the fact that we don't do an Announcements thread anymore has sometimes made it less likely that you'll find the new stuff we've added. So I thought I'd take today to kind of give you a roundup of what's new and interesting around here.

In terms of new shows, let's open with Celebrity Apprentice, which is part of the old Apprentice section that we dragged out of PH. The show is being enthusiastically discussed on the boards and weecapped by the always-brilliant M. Giant, who can deflate idiots like nobody else on the staff. The matchup of M. Giant versus Trump is one I am already thoroughly enjoying, even if the outcome is a foregone conclusion. From the first weecap, regarding Gene Simmons: "Apparently the Kiss bassist isn't getting enough screen time on his very own reality show. Who would have thought that a guy who spent the '70s making himself up like a zombie bat and spitting blood needed so much attention?"

Next up: Cashmere Mafia, which is in the capable hands of Jeff, whom you know and love from Project Runway and, of course, from Viva Laughlin. For which we totally gave him hazard pay. Okay, we didn't. But there is no one more capable of taking apart a silly outfit, so while this show isn't even off to the races yet and the first full recap isn't up, consider this taste of what's to come, just from the recaplet: "Caitlin is a lesbian? Er, we meet her when a guy is dumping her at breakfast. Then, she meets Alicia Lawson at her office and sparks fly. She consults her priest, also her brother, who tells her to go for it. I know, this is great. Her brother is hot too. So she goes on a date with Alicia, and they kiss. She seems to like it. And, she has a car in Manhattan. And, I think she was drinking and driving." I'm in, you guys.

After approximately four billion years and sixty billion episodes, we have finally adopted Law & Order, the original. Suffice it to say that Sars's first weecap concludes thusly: "In short, Conlan does the right thing, Kleist looks like he ate a mosquito, end credits." She's not going to let you down, you guys. She's been here since the words "Memo to sound guy: turn down the mix on the lip mic. Thank you." got me hooked on Dawson's Wrap when most of you were in short pants. Lauren S will be helping out with those as well, while Grey's Anatomy mops its brow.

We've also added Bravo's own Make Me A Supermodel, which will have weecaps from Al Lowe, who is taking just a tiny step down in quality from Pushing Daisies.

You've hopefully seen, if you've been watching the homepage, that we've picked up Rock Of Love and are -- and you are lucky here -- receiving weecaps of the entire first season from the inimitable Potes, and I am here to tell you that these suckers are absolutely drop-dead hilarious, to the point where we read something from one of them out loud in the bullpen just about every day. Today, the line I read out loud was this: "Heather is sitting herself down and writing Bret a letter 'exposing' the other girls, which she's sure will go over well. She interviews, 'Get the hell out of here and go hang out with Justin Timberlake, you starfucker.' And I mean, that's actually like the pot calling the pot a pot." It is a perfect marriage of writer and material, and we're just lucky Potes is willing to fill them in for us before the second season takes off this weekend. Seriously, you guys: all kinds of funny, whether you have ever watched the show or not.

Also wonderful: M. Giant's classic weecaps of season 2 of The Office, most recently "The Injury" and "The Secret." If you're missing new episodes, it's a perfect time to drop in and visit with some wonderful old ones. Particularly if you enjoy your Office weecaps without a single-minded focus on the love story of you-know-who and you-know-who, this is the perfect set of weecaps for you.

Of course, we have also spent the last few months with Wing Chun heroically filling in several seasons of The Wire, which...dude, if you can picture how much work a regular recap probably is, a recap of The Wire is about twice as much work as that, given the combination of greater length and ridiculous density. Okay, probably three times as much work. And Wing has published, by my count, 23 of them since the beginning of September when the fall season began to ramp up. We're now getting assists from the Sobells with Season Three, so before you know it, we'll have the whole series knocked, and that's a lot of Baltimore ground to cover in a relatively short time. That's on top, of course, of the new season recaps that will appear beginning this very week.

If you didn't get a chance to see the TWoP "We've Been To The Fuuuuuture" video segment, make sure you drop by and experience that, if only for the wonderful moment in which the charming narrator says, "Saaaaaally."

We know you miss your regular shows; we miss your regular shows, too. But we're still burning through the television landscape with all the vigor we can muster, so stick around.

Helpful Hints For The Alphabetically Inclined

by admin November 27, 2007 2:12 pm
Helpful Hints For The Alphabetically Inclined It seemed like everyone was surprised by this when we discussed it over in Nuts and Bolts, but for those of you who like to use the TWoP forums (fora?), be aware that it is possible to sort the threads in any area by title, in addition to by the time of the latest post. In other words, if you like to see all the threads in "Dramas" in alphabetical order, you can do that. Just look toward the bottom of the page, and you'll see under the jump menu a little bar that says "Order: Last Post." You can use that dropdown to order alphabetically, if you'd like.

Because this seemed to make people so happy when it came up over in our help section, I thought I'd bring it over here. We're always happy to bring you good usability news, after all.



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