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Chuck: New Season, Same Wardrobe, Still Fun

Nerd alert! Chuck returns tonight on NBC, and the geeks get back to the business of saving the world, and selling/repairing DVD players. It's all in a day's work. To celebrate this momentous occasion (OK, momentous if you are a mildly obsessed fan like myself) some kind person wrangled the video game controllers out of the hands of Zachary Levi (Chuck) and Joshua Gomez (Morgan) and put them on a conference call with reporters. The results were pretty entertaining. At one point Gomez is talking about how excited he is about the new season and the additional episodes being picked up and Levi jokingly adds: "Yeah and I know that I should say the same but I'm really only in this acting game to work my way into infomercials. I was hoping that the 13 episodes would just wrap up and I could get on with my dream. But, you know, whatever... 9 more, that's fine." You get the impression that it is amazing any work gets done on this set, but still... good times.

I managed to sneak in and ask my allotted two questions:
TWoP: So you pretty much have the same wardrobe on all season. Do you ever get tired of the green shirts or the white shirts?
Josh Gomez: You have no idea. For me ... the green polo, not the most flattering thing that you could wear, you know, day in and day out, and try having also a beard for four years now. No. It's fine. I - yeah, I wind up in the same thing probably more often even than Chuck. But he gets to once in awhile wear a nice little date outfit or whatever, a nice shirt here and there, you know.
Zachary Levi:It's funny because I feel like -- well two things. One, I actually don't - if I'm going to be stuck in one outfit, you know, if it's going to be my kind of uniform, my superhero costume I suppose, it's not a bad one to be stuck in. You know, it's not long-sleeved. It's nice. I get some short-[sleeveness] going on, some simple black slacks, and I get to wear my Chucks, which by the way I'm wearing right now. They're my favorite shoe. I've been wearing them for years. My family and friends all thought something was wrong with me because I never wanted to wear anything other than my Chucks even on red carpet things or whatever. My publicist would literally yell at me, "What are you doing? Put on some nice shoes! Those are filthy!" I mean, the laces would be broken. And now ha-ha, the joke's on them.
TWoP: Well there's your infomercial. You could sell Chuck Taylors.
Levi: Exactly, right. Yeah. But I also look at what they put Morgan in and I go well that's, you know, a polo. That's nice. I got a whole button up. Yours is easy. You just pull it right over. And then on top of that, he gets to wear all kinds of casual, cool, funny T-shirts and, you know, I got to go get duded up.
Gomez: Wow. The grass is always greener.

Additionally, the two talked about how when they get too silly during takes, they just smack each other to get themselves back on track. So we just had to ask about that as well:
TWoP: Since you two have worked out this whole slapping each other to calm each other down thing, are we going to get to see a Morgan/Chuck fight scene for any reason this season?
Gomez: I hope so. I want to beat the crap out of this guy.
Levi: Oh my, you should see his face right now. He's not kidding. The look he just gave me frightened me.
TWoP: Oh, well I didn't mean to start any trouble.
Gomez: Well guess what?
Levi: You did.
Gomez: Too late.

And here are some more fun soundbites from the conference call with TV's not-so-dynamic, but still quite hysterical duo.

About getting along:
Levi:We were sitting around just kind of, you know, talking about life, getting to know one another and immediately we came to the realization that we're both avid and rabid video game players. And so because of that and because both Chuck and Morgan are avid video game players in our fictitious world, we hit it off, you know, like peas and carrots I suppose, and to quote the genius, Forrest Gump.

On castmate Adam Baldwin:
Gomez: When the cameras aren't rolling, he's the biggest teddy bear. He loves his cast and he loves his family. And he's just like the biggest sweetheart and it's mush. Then all of a sudden, you know, (cha-cha) and he's like uh, he's grunting and he's slamming my face into a wall. You know, it's just like so - and then he says, "Oh are you okay?" And he's just like a sweetheart.

On getting free stuff Best Buy from employees:
Gomez: I wish. Why isn't that happening? I go to Best Buy's all over just to see if it happens and it doesn't. I go "no it didn't happen at this one" and I cross it off my list, and I drive to the next one and it doesn't happen. When I go into Best Buy I get like, "Wow, I feel like I'm at work only I'm not that tired." The other day I went in with my friend and there was this guy there and I went to ask him for help and Best Buy had blue shirts on. But I just saw him from behind. I kind of like -- I was like,"Hey could I ask you a question" or whatever, and he turned around. And it was like, "Oh my god, that's Morgan!" He had a beard. It was like looking into a mirror only he was probably a little better looking.
Levi: No I mean, we have -- no, we haven't gotten [freebies] -- again, I wish. You know, maybe after the show has been on a little bit longer and if people don't mind losing their jobs by giving us free stuff then maybe we'll get something. The last time I went into a Best Buy, there was a whole gaggle of employees who I took pictures with and signed some stuff. And it's funny because at the Buy More we're really just a bunch of slackers. I don't know if we really accomplish anything. I don't know how anything is sold in that store. And yet, when I go in everyone at the Best Buy says, "Oh, you've nailed us. You've got it." So I don't know if that should inspire confidence in employment.
Gomez: Or Buy More, or Best Buy should look into their employees.

On the Hellboy crossover promos that ran this summer:
Levi: That was a lot of fun to do. They asked me, "hey you want to go do these Hellboy promos?" I was like, "Yeah sure, I guess, what's the deal?" They go, "Well Ron Perlman will be there." I was like, "Oh really? And he'll be in the Hellboy outfit? I'm sold, sign me up. I'll do it for free. I'll drive myself. Where do I need to go?" It was really cool to do.

On who they'd love to see as a guest star:
Gomez:I would love to see ALF, but I know it's not going to happen. But I think he'd be great in the Buy More. I don't know. What do you think?

On getting their own comic book, and their favorite comic books:
Gomez: It's so freakin' cool to be in a comic book. I think it's great. I think it's a great way to expand the storyline in ways that frankly we probably could never afford to do on film. But for now, this is a cool way to kind of let the reigns off of Chuck so I think it's definitely cool. You my friend?
Levi:Yeah, I totally concur although I would say, as opposed to so freakin' cool, it's about time. I mean, shouldn't we have been in a comic book when we were kids? Come on.
Levi: I think the artists are great. I think that, you know, it's drawn and colored very excellently and, you know, and they capture I think the voices of our characters pretty well. Yeah, I was a big comic book fan as well. Me and my buddies, we would go out and play superhero and one friend would be running at me pretending to be Wolverine and slicing me up with his claws. I chose to be Gambit. I was a big X-Men fan. I like Gambit, mon cherie. I was very much into that whole Cajun thing and, you know, charging up his playing cards and throwing them at people. And they always made fun of me because I had charged up cards in a bow and they had adamantium claws. Everybody wanted to be Wolverine and I was like you know what, I'm going to step outside of the box on this one boys.

On the best part of the job:
Levi:For me the stunt stuff is so much fun. You know, car chases and fun fights and, you know, getting dropped off buildings. It's just stuff that you don't get to do. There's no other profession that -- aside from actually being a real spy -- that you get to go and do this stuff, other than being an actor. I just hope he gets to do more of the stuff. You know, I want to go shoot a gun. For heaven's sake people, I mean, when are they going to teach me how to shoot?
Gomez: For me, anytime you can put in a harness, I think it's a bonus. I was rigged up and [guest star] Michael Strahan had to like manhandle me. And it was just so much fun. We were just cracking up and he was just almost in tears because I just would let my body go limp and he would just swing me around like a rag doll. And it was pretty cool.

On the possibility of doing more kissing scenes with smokin' hot costar Yvonne Strahovski:
Levi: That's a really tough question. I mean, I consider myself a team player. I really do. But I mean, have you been watching the show? You know, she was good looking last season but a lot's happened in the hiatus, you know. And I don't know if she's just been eating too -- are you kidding me? I would gladly put my lips on her lips or whatever -- whatever they put in the script. She is one of the most beautiful girls in the world. And it's fun because she's also, you know, a big tomboy in a lot of ways, too. She's really down to earth and if I have to -- I will take a barrage of bullets. I'll take a mortar to the chest if I have to if that's what we're talking about.




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