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Life Partners: Damian Lewis and Donal Logue Speak Out

This season, Life fans were given a treat in the form of Donal Logue, the veteran actor (Blade, Grounded for Life) who came in to play the role of New York transplant Captain Tidwell, the new boss of Detectives Crews and Reese. We got a chance to join in on a conference call to interview Logue and Damian Lewis (Crews) about some interesting developments for the show, including Rachel's imminent departure, Crews' daddy issues and why six seasons sounds about right.

You're both very funny in the show -- how much is on the page and how much just comes out between the two of you?

Damian Lewis: Well, we're both unintentionally funny. That's a problem.

Donal Logue: I actually really enjoy playing comedy in a dramatic setting; if there's funny moments, that's great, but it doesn't have to be the focus. And, you know, Damian is pretty hysterical. I actually kind of wish that some more of the kind of play that we have just while we're working found its way into the dynamic between them.

Will your love lives on the show become increasingly complicated?

Donal Logue: You know, it's interesting, because we've always joked around in my circle that you should beware if your girlfriend comes back from work and someone has really pissed her off. If she keeps talking about someone who really got under her skin, that person is the threat. But what's interesting about Tidwell is that he so casually, I think, has started to plot out this broader trajectory for [his and Reese's] relationship, almost without even discussing it with her.

Damian Lewis: And Crews is Crews. The show is a lot about wish fulfillment, and I think we still want to see Crews having more fun. So I think it won't be an end to the random bubblegum blondes that fall in his lap, you know, metaphorically and literally. But clearly his ex-wife is the love of his life and has always been, and Connie was his salvation. So while he was in prison they served slightly different purposes. But I think there's still more fun for him to have before it all gets too serious.

So, Donal, does Captain Tidwell look down on the cops in L.A., or look up to them, or just generally find them funny?

Donal Logue: Tidwell is the character that probably understand least of any character I've ever played. I think that there was a broader kind of antagonism that I was supposed to show the city of Los Angeles, the department, the character of Charlie Crews. But at the same time, I can't help but throw in the character having a lot of respect for Charlie Crews and liking him, and liking his quirkiness, and liking his sense of humor. And so I feel like I have my foot on the brake and on the gas simultaneously. So there are times that I'm just kind of surprised in which direction I go as well, and which direction the character goes.

In the episode "Jackpot," we saw Crews go out to work on a case with Jessie Schram's character, Rachel. Are we going to be seeing more and more of the two of them working together in the future? What's it like working with Jessie?

Damian Lewis: Jessie is gorgeous. She is the sweetest girl and a really good actress. Rachel feels abandoned by Crews, who's basically trying to be a single parent with Ted's help -- so it's a little bit like having two dads, although I obviously make Ted make an apron when we're at home. But to be honest, I think there'll come a point in the next few episodes where her character is put to bed for the time being. I think it'll be too dangerous for her to be around, because the evil elements in Crews' life will come for her. After that I don't know what'll happen. She certainly won't disappear for good, but I think she'll go away for a little while.

Donal, you've played so many different characters on TV and in films -- what character do fans just automatically recognize you from when they see you out and about?

Donal Logue: It'll tell you who the fan is. There's people who really liked the movie Blade. And Grounded for Life was interesting because it's the first time I was on a television show that was on for a long time. It kind of had a weird afterlife in syndication and in different countries and stuff.

Damian, have you been told how much longer Charlie's investigation into the conspiracy is going to continue? Will it last as long as the show does?

Damian Lewis: Well, this may sound cynical, but you never know in network TV, so I think the guys work as well as they can to tie up some loose ends at potential stopping points for the TV show, you know, when the TV show might just be no more. So there will be some kind of answer given at the end of this season. But it'll also be left open in anticipation that we'll get a third season. And if we get a third season... you've seen the Crew's conspiracy board in Crews' closet. There were six conspirators. Now, maybe I'm reading too much into this, but that sounds like six seasons to me.




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