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I'm a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here: Stephen Baldwin is a Saint Seriously. I was on a conference call with the most recently eliminated Baldwin, and apparently delicious smack-talkin' doesn't necessarily run in the family, because Stephen not only claimed to genuinely like Janice Dickinson and think she's a good person, but he also believes Speidi's Christianity is authentic and not at all being exaggerated for fame whoring purposes. He's like the innocent little Hummel Baldwin. It's precious, really.

Why leave then when you were so close to the finish?
Stephen Baldwin: Well, obviously, I did, like everybody else, make the commitment to go on the show to do my best and win as best I could, but a lot of people don't know the specifics of what happened. On the eighth day of being in jungle I had already received 125 pretty severe insect bites, which I don't know anybody that's ever had 125 insect bites, but you know, I have this allergy to shellfish that could induce anaphylactic shock. And what happened was the medical team there explained to me that I actually had been suffering a similar reaction to the anaphylactic shock because of the number of bug bites I had.

There were two bug bites -- I don't know if you heard that I had become -- the infestation of fly larvae in my skin [Editor's Note: Oh my fricking god, fly larvae infestation?!?! -- Mindy], so we had to remove those. That was kind of gross.

So, that was what had been the status of my situation on the eighth day. I did stay after that an additional 11 more days, and, you know, they really started putting me on high doses of Benadryl. And with five days left, what had happened was my strength and my health, really my immune system had so deteriorated since then, I started to get like a stomach bug.

And you gotta understand you don't see all this on the show. What had happened to me with the whole bug bite situation has so physically debilitated me, I just knew -- even with five days left -- there was no way I was going to finish as well as I wanted to, and I just figured the best thing to do was just get healthy.

How harsh was the environment to live in?
SB: Oh, this was way, way beyond anything I ever did before. I mean, I lost 22 pounds over 18 days and that's a fact. When you only have a cup of rice and beans for breakfast, a cup of rice and beans for lunch, and then a meal that you share with everybody that's kind of a regular meal, but it's -- probably if you went out to, you know, go get a normal dinner at a restaurant, it still only amounts to about one-third what you'd normally eat, you know, with an appetizer, this, that, dessert, all that. That, coupled with the fact that the elements themselves, like being the jungle and the downpour of the rain -- being in a rain forest -- I mean all of it just really was way more wild than I anticipated.

Did you feel like Spencer and Heidi's Christianity was genuine?
SB: Absolutely. Particularly in the case of Heidi. She's a devout born-again Christian. She was raised in the faith, and that's not easy. You know, it's not easy to be in Hollywood and kind of understand what line to walk.

Your brother said that when you were baptizing Heidi she had looked at you and said, "Turn me the other way so the camera can see me better." Is that true?
SB: Yes, but I think that's really -- could be misconstrued. I just -- Heidi Montag-Pratt's walk of faith is completely authentic. I just think she was kind of so excited and proud to be, you know, kind of outwardly expressing this thing that's really taken quite seriously in the Christian faith. I think she just wanted people to see it the best they could. I really don't think that she was trying to mug the camera at all.

What's your take on Janice Dickinson?
SB: Well I mean, Janice will tell you herself, you know, she likes to be rowdy. She likes to cause trouble. It's part of her personality. I, probably more than anybody else on the show, did my best to stick up for Janice as best I could. I really feel like there's a wonderful person underneath all of her shenanigans. And I think she's great. You know, she makes me laugh. She's a little wacky. She can be a bit overbearing, but you know, I don't think that's such a bad thing.

We've seen you on so many reality shows, what's next for you? Are we going to see you on Dancing with the Stars, or are you going to get your own reality show or anything?
SB: Actually, for about ten months now we've been developing a couple of concepts, and now there's talk after this program, that maybe my brother Daniel and I might do something together. Which I'm wide open to as long as the format and the thrust of the show is something that really makes sense and it's cool and it's fun. Because if you're not having a good time, really, what's the point if you've got to try to force like a square peg into a hole. So, yeah, I would be stoked on that if we could develop something and have something come out really cool for next year.

Any idea what kind of show you two would do together?
SB: Yes. I think we're going to go back into the jungle and find a rare tribe of Pygmies, and try to become their kings. Just kidding.

Will you actually be on the finale?
SB: I believe so, yes. I believe that's the plan.




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