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10 Actors Who Should Make Like Evangeline Lilly and Quit Acting Evangeline Lilly has said in the past that she doesn't plan on continuing her acting career after Lost ends, and with the show's final season premiering tonight (!!), that story has resurfaced, and she's sticking to it. Which is perfectly understandable; she's made her money, she's not passionate about acting, and she did the respectable thing by not quitting in the middle of it when she was somehow miserable in Hawaii. (I'm not a Kate fan, but at least she didn't Rob Lowe or Mandy Patinkin the show by throwing a tantrum and leaving prematurely.) So happy trails to Evangeline Lilly after May. These people should really get inspired and do the same.

Kelsey Grammer
Frasier is a thing of the past, back before we knew him as the American Carol and Back to You star who accused Fox of giving him a heart attack and then went on to star in the insufferably snobby and unfunny Hank. Time to just spend your days at home counting your money on your caviar abacus, Kelsey.

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz
She got fired from Melrose Place, but that's not going to stop her from popping up on some other show for god knows what reason. I don't care what she does for money as long as it has nothing to do with acting or music. (Though full disclosure: "L.O.V.E." is an amazing song and karaoke jam.)

Charlie Sheen
It's impossible to know why some actors' disastrous personal lives ruin them while others get to have scandal after scandal after scandal and still bring in gangbuster ratings, but Charlie Sheen is the miraculous latter. Obviously he has some appeal I'm not seeing, but even if Two and a Half Men ever ended and he joined a show I could actually stand, there's no way to divorce his celebrity persona from his fictional one, whatever it may be. Which is sad. I can barely bring myself to watch Hot Shots these days.

Patricia Heaton
She's especially unfortunate, because it's really not that she's devoid of talent, or does a bad job on the shows she stars in; she just publicly presents herself as the most unbearable person over and over again, in companion with choosing to star in Back to You and The Middle, two bland assaults on the cause for half-decent television.

Masi Oka
Some of the actors on Heroes could bounce back if and when that show is ever canceled, but Masi Oka won't be one of them. Like Urkel doomed Jaleel White before him, Hiro has ruined Masi Oka forever. Too iconic, too annoying and too on a show no one takes seriously. But hey, at least he can go back to doing his other, better job when all is said and done.

Eliza Dushku
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: she seems like an awesome person to hang out with, but acting just isn't what she's good at. I hate to kick her when she's down, and Dollhouse and Tru Calling's cancellations were far from entirely her fault, but she shouldn't be counted on to carry a series ever again.

Brad Garrett
This was going to be Ray Romano's spot, but he's actually doing an OK job on Men of a Certain Age. Instead, I'll be asking Brad Garrett, who is way worse both on screen and in public than Romano could ever be, to please, please retire from television.

Mischa Barton
After The Beautiful Life ended amidst a rollercoaster of sad, tragic rumors about her and we heard nothing but tumultuous things from her recent guest stint on SVU, it's probably safe to say she should take an entire lifetime to get herself together. No grueling television shooting schedule is going to help her do that.

Eric Balfour
Because he's a greasy showkiller, and no manner of guest-stint ubiquity can mop that up.

Michelle Trachtenberg
Like Eliza Dushku, she seems like a lovely girl who maybe shouldn't have chosen acting as her profession. The weird thing about her is, as much as everyone hated her Buffy character, if you put those scenes against her Mercy and Gossip Girl scenes, it appears she has somehow become an even worse actor over the years.

And, obviously, Melissa George. No explanation needed.

Your bids for who should retire from acting and take up something they're better at? We're all about job placement here at TWoP.

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