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Breaking Amish: Brave New World: Why We’re Leaving the Clan

The first season of TLC's Breaking Amish may have been obviously scripted and was eventually revealed to have altered the truth about its cast's relationship with the Amish and Mennonite communities, but at least it was watchable. The culture-shock concept of the series -- helping five young adults get out of their oppressive community, and then throwing them into New York City -- was promising enough, and even if the gang eventually admitted that they didn't exactly go from farm to Breaking Amish, their fish-out-of-water experiences produced some fine reality TV. And then TLC brought it back for a second season.

Breaking Amish: Brave New World is in absolutely no way redeemable. Where the O.G. Breaking Amish at least had good interpersonal drama and believable moments (like when Rebecca went to an "English" dentist), Brave New World has essentially become scorched earth. We'll stick around for Season 2 of Breaking Amish because there's a new cast, but after Brave New World wraps, we'll be saying goodbye to Abe, Rebecca, Kate, Sabrina and Jeremiah, even if TLC doesn't. Here's why:

The Premise Makes No Sense
After the awkward nightmare that was the Season 1 reunion, we weren't sure how TPTB were going to make Brave New World feel authentic or purposeful. The solution: They didn't. There was no reason for the cast to get an RV together and drive down to Sarasota, Florida -- sure, Pinecraft has a strong ex-Amish and Amish community, but since everyone seems to hate the Breaking Amish gang, why would they purposefully want to be around anyone who has anything to do with the Amish? Of course, it's apparent that the only reason they chose this location was for the drama, but TLC desperately tried to convince us that it had to do with a connection that Jeremiah had set up... which he even acknowledged that he had lied about. Compelling television!

Speaking of Jeremiah, the 32-year-old (!) makes our skin crawl. Now a regular candidate for our weekly Most Heinous Person on Reality TV column, he brings out a very powerful frustration and anger in us. He's ungrateful, a terrible friend to everyone on the show and generally just skeeves us out. Fingers crossed that Sabrina will never fool around with his pathetic ass ever again.

The Blatant Sexism
It's frankly disturbing to see how quickly Abe and Jeremiah will shame Rebecca, Kate and Sabrina for their sexuality or assertiveness by calling them sluts, bitches and whores. While Brave New World isn't the only reality show where guys (and, at times, ladies) use these words, it's ironic that they supposedly left the Amish community to get away from an oppressive and judgmental patriarchy, yet still treat the women they know horribly... maybe Abe and Jeremiah think doing it with clean-shaven faces and electricity makes it different. On the bright side, we were relieved that when a video emerged of Kate making out with another girl, everyone stood up for her and took it as a teaching moment.

We Don't Even See the Good Stuff
While we clearly don't care about what's happening on the show, we're absolutely fascinated about what we're not seeing. What is up with Rebecca's mysterious baby? Or Abe's two kids? Where are everyone's families? And seriously, can we get an exposé episode about Amish dentists? Anything would be better than watching as the group painfully pretends to be completely ignorant about Martin Luther King, Jr.

Abe's Mom and Sister
Most importantly, it makes absolutely no sense that Abe's mother and Katie Ann (who is amazingly referred to as "Mose" -- a nod to Dwight Schrute's bizarre cousin on The Office -- in our Breaking Amish forum) are on this show. They've clearly left the Church (we think?), but were they ever actually Amish? We're thinking no; after all, they allowed cameras into their home in the first place, and the mom regularly references how she enjoys drinking. One thing's for sure: They're probably the worst actors on the show by far... and that's really saying something.

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