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Parks and Recreation: Who Made the Comedy Grade Last Night?

Hey, everyone! Last night was another episode of a show that's always really funny.

I don't have too much to say about "Sweet Sixteen" other than the fact that Leslie is always hilarious when she's trying to multitask, I love finding out more about Donna, this episode wasn't entirely mean to Jerry and I am blown away at how much I like Chris these days. While this wasn't the greatest outing in Season 4, I had fun, and it made me especially excited to go back and watch the season in its entirety when we wrap up. Anyways, let's jump in.

Jerry: A
Aw, of course Jerry's birthday is February 29th. I'm always a fan when this show alludes to (and shows us!) his extremely rewarding home life, and it was nice to see the juxtaposition of his personal accomplishments with the other characters'. And how good is Parks and Recreation that the moment we found out that Leslie had forgotten Jerry's birthday, we were sold that maybe the Pawnee Goddess really does need to take a sabbatical?
Best Line of the Night: "I only get one real birthday, you know, once every four years, but it's great, because my wife Gayle makes such a big deal about it. We go and split a huge piece of cotton candy cheesecake from Cakey J's Cheesecake Facility. And then we hold hands for a while, we listen to some Anita Baker, she meets up with some friends and I turn in early."

Leslie and Ron: B+
The issue I have with Leslie and Ron in this episode is that they're always amazing when they're together, and that relatively speaking, they were not that funny in "Sweet Sixteen." I mean, I laughed every time they had a scene together, but I've been brought to tears (from laughing and crying, as I am the ultimate softie) from them before.
Leslie's Best Line of the Night: "That's the style now, Ron. It's called "lollipopping." All the kids are doing it."
Ron's Best Line of the Night:" Is this all the eggs we have?" [Donna: "Yes. What are you making?"] "Eggs."

Tom, Ann and April: B
Tom and I are old souls, in that we both have inexplicable undying love for '90s R&B music. Not only did we get to see Tom act somewhat like an actual person, I also feel a little more sold on him and Ann (the beautiful, rule-breaking moth) after seeing their fight. It still feels weird, but the heart works in mysterious ways. Throwing April in their relationships' lion's den made for many great comedic moments -- I'm certain there are at least ten thousand gifs right now of April talking about how much she loves drinking floating around Tumblr.
Tom's Best Line of the Night: "[Ann] hates everything I like. I own more pairs of Uggs than she does!"
Ann's Best Line of the Night: [On the embroidered Kangol hats that are identical to the ones that Samuel L. Jackson wore to the Latin Grammys] "You can either burn these hats in a fire, or you can use a blowtorch."
April's Best Line of the Night: " I was getting kind of sick of listening to Tom and Ann talk about their relationship, but then I remembered that alcohol existed. Thank you, alcohol. "

Chris, Andy and Champion: A
A dog-centric C-plot? Don't mind if I do! Seeing the different ways Chris and Andy interact with our favorite three-legged canine is absolutely adorable. More importantly, though, we're learning so much about Chris and his inner loneliness as it slowly unfolds itself post-breakup. I'm excited to see what happens to him. And it's always a pleasure to see Andy acting with just a pinch of responsibility... and eating dog bones.
Chris's Best Line of the Night: "April and Andy went away for the night, and I looked after Champion here. He's a mutt -- half amazing, half terrific. 'Ich bin ein three-legged dog.' "
Andy's Best Line of the Night: [On Chris teaching him German dog commands] "Uh, whatever. I mean, anybody can do that. [Gibberish in a German accent.] Toxic. Merkel. What is Merkel?"
Champion's Best Moment of the Night: The adorable look on his face when he came charging out of the dark wood to Andy.

Donna: A-
Buzzkill Donna is a bit of a change of pace, but I'll take it. Of all of the '90s rappers to make her cousins with, Ginuwine may have been the perfect choice.
Best Line of the Night: "The Meagles are a cold people."

Ben: A
I only wish he said nothing other than his first line.
Best Line of the Night: "Surprise."

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