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Greek: Everyone's Got to Grow Up Sometime

ABC Family's Greek signed off Monday night, and much as I was charmed by this brightly colored drunken look at college fraternity life for the last few years, I was glad that they decided to end it. Frankly, it was getting more than a little bit awkward to keep finding reasons for Cappie not to graduate, or for Ashleigh and Casey to remain tied to their sorority. Not to mention that Rusty, who was supposed to be one of the youngest of the bunch, had a rapidly receding hairline that seems like it is going to render him bald by the end of the year. He was cute and nerdy at the start of the series, but at this point, it would've been hard to reboot the show built around an old-looking guy like him.

Also, I don't think my brain could have possibly handled yet another spin around the love triangle of Cappie, Evan and Casey, which was this show's go-to move. I've lost count how many times she's flip-flopped between the boys, or had conversations about how she loves them both. At least at the finale's conclusion, she rode off into the sunset with Cappie (whose full name was finally, bizarrely, revealed on his diploma to be Captain John Paul Jones), solidifying their future together. And he gave a rather lovely oration to his philosophy professor on how she was his reason for graduating and getting through college and moving on in life. It was almost romantic. And given that the show has been building all season to people being stuck at school and not having a chance to grow beyond that, it was nice, if schmaltzy (with the strains of "Forever Young" playing in the background), to see them leaving campus for good.

Most of the last episode centered on the destruction of the Kappa Tau house to make way for a new campus athletic center. Former KT member Lasker Parkes (played by Jonathan Silverman) was a rich developer who, as recently as the previous episode, said he was going to help the Kappa's save the house, but mostly he just bought it to demolish it. Apparently, brotherhood doesn't last a lifetime. Along with the help of Professor Segal (Ed's Josh Randall), who attempted to force Casey and Evan to choose law school over their KT friends, Lasker managed to succeed. But along the way, the KT bros realized it was just a building and picked Rusty to take the reigns as KT president and find them a new place to party, even though he barely ever stayed at the frat house to begin with. Guess it is better not to dwell on pesky little details like that, as it makes sense that Cappie would hand his title to his fraternity little brother and his girlfriend's actual little brother.

And Rusty really got the overkill happy ending, with Ashleigh deciding that she wasn't going to follow Casey wherever, and that she was going to stick around and date Rusty (with Casey's permission, natch). Can't say I ever saw that pairing coming at the start of season 1. Also on the super happy side: Dale got his dream girlfriend, simply by asking. Plus, there were seemingly rekindling sparks between Evan and Rebecca, Calvin finally figured out that he wanted to save the world and former frat boy Wade returned and ended up with a place to stay after his parents kicked him out. Even bitchy former sorority dictator Frannie got a bit of redemption in the penultimate episode, though she didn't deliver Justin Bieber.

It was all a bit heavy on the happy, but I was glad to see that tempered a bit with the actual demolition of the KT house. If someone had come in at the final hour and saved it, I probably would have audibly groaned at the clich├ęd conclusion. Instead, we got to see the house destroyed and everyone move on with some hope for the future. While that was a bit on the cloying side, there are far worse ways for a show to end. I think I'll miss Ashleigh's gigantic earrings most of all.

Did you watch the show? What did you think of the end? Sound off below.

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