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Scandal: This Show Is Like Whoa!

We've blabbered on about the reasons you should be watching this series, and last night only confirmed that this is a network show that drops twist and turns and major shockers like it thinks it's on cable or something. So if you haven't watched, and you plan on doing so, stop reading now because there's no way we can talk about this episode (with the wonderful title "Nobody Likes Babies") without spoiling it. Let's take this business character by character, shall we?

She's the one who called for the hit on Fitz. Not a total shocker since she was also the one who suspiciously mentioned that burner phone in Hollis's office and all... but her reason was to keep her reputation unblemished after she passed. Well, we're pretty sure she topped Mellie in the manipulative bitch department on her way out the door, so there's a reputation to die with. Oh, and she's totally dead now -- and it wasn't the cancer that killed her (I'll get to that in a second). She died before she could confess her sins to David Rosen, so may her she rot in hell. At least she got a lovely funeral speech by the man who killed her.

And Associates
Harrison needs a better storyline, and stat. His lack of necessity was my one big complaint this week. Huck stopped Hollis from temporarily being murdered in an elevator and then he had a heartbreaking scene with not-Becky, and since Olivia told him to stop just murdering people, he actually gave Quinn some sage advice when he wanted to hire him to murder Hollis. He said he'd do it for free, but she'd have to leave and never come back. Revenge or Gladiator? Tough choice. Quinn is totally vengeful about Hollis stealing her life from her and wants him dead -- oh and she conveniently still had access to her dead ex-boyfriend's computer. Guess that didn't get lost with her identity. And Abby, oh Abby, she listens to about a hundred hours of her audiotaped sex encounters with David Rosen and realizes that he loves her and that Olivia screwed her. But yet she still goes and gets the voting chip (a.k.a David's only evidence) from his safe because, while she may be insanely annoying most of the time, she is good at thieving.

Cyrus and James
Cyrus has a crisis of faith when he realizes that he almost had an innocent man (Hollis) murdered. So when James (sans the cute baby) gets subpoenaed to go to trial about the evidence from Defiance, he actually tells him the truth (albeit reluctantly) and tries to get him to go out of the country. You'd think it was sweet... until like a minute later, when Cyrus nearly has his husband knocked off in a public place in order to protect his own ass from jail time. He doesn't let the gun-for-hire pull the trigger but it is disturbingly close. Bastard.

David Rosen
Is David going to lose his job again because people think he's a crazy conspiracy theorist? It is totally possible. Especially since he claims to have the chip that can prove the voter fraud, and that James is his witness to said scandalous behavior. But then James gets on the stand and lies, lies, lies to protect his husband and his baby (see, told you Cyrus was a bastard for nearly having him killed so he wouldn't talk) and then Abby steals the chip for him and lies, lies, lies to him about it. So he screams at her and runs out of Olivia's office in the most delightful hissy fit.

She confronts Verna on all her wrongdoings, but won't confess their illegal election activities for fear of ruining Fitz' pregnancy. She and Fitz also have a very sexy meeting in the White House where he begs her to wait for him and not to marry dreamy Edison. So she tells dreamy Edison to take his grandma's ring back, and then she goes to Fitz at Verna's funeral and says that she's waiting for him. And he completely rebuffs her and tells her he changed his mind. WTF, one might ask. Well, seems that Verna's last act of bitchery was telling Fitz all about the little group that fixed the voting machines for him.

So he totally murdered Verna, and not even by hiring someone. Just crossed her wires and took away her oxygen until she stopped breathing, all so that she wouldn't confess everything to David Rosen. Some might see it as an act of kindness so she could die with her good name, but the maniacal look on his face makes us think he was saving his very own ass. And we're sure that her comment about rigging the election as a favor to his father didn't help her case at all. So he's pissed that Olivia was involved (and rightly so) and mad that everyone is a lying liar who lies, while he's the one who has blood on his hands. And he's also the leader of the free world. That is such a dangerous combination.

Pretty much got everything she ever wanted. Fitz is so mad about Olivia that he stopped talking about a divorce. He's angry at Cyrus, so Mellie is his most trusted confidant. She got herself induced so she could have the White House baby early and keep her ratings high. And Fitz seems to respect the fact that though she is totally cutthroat, at least she's honest about it.

All of this makes it seem like Olivia Pope and Associates are in big, big trouble as we head into the second half of the season. And much as I love shipping Olivia and Fitz, seeing this chaos sounds a hell of a lot more interesting.

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