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How I Spent My Weekend; aka the Olympics Have Taken Over My Life

I didn't sleep much this weekend. All I did was watch Olympics and obsessively read the Twilight saga of books. I think I was equally balanced between them (enjoyment wise and time spent wise), but if you are going to watch the Olympics, especially "live" (meaning without taping and fast-forwarding through commercials) you are going to need to have some reading material, or have a computer handy. I mean, between the never-ending breaks touting NBC's new shows and their other sponsors (who I could probably name by heart now) compounded with the repetitive little segments about spotlighted athletes, it is nice to have something to do during the down time. And it helps keep my mind alert at 1 AM when I just can't make myself turn the TV off.

The coverage has been decent, but I've got a big pet peeve. If an event... say Gymnastics, was completed nearly a full day before, why break it up into chunks during the primetime viewing? Why not air an hour of gymnastics and hour of synchronized diving and then the live events. I understand having to make sure the live events air in certain segments, but jumping back and forth is getting on my nerves. If it is that they need time while everyone jumps out of the pool and such, then show highlights of some of the other events that happened that get no love at all, at least not in primetime.

Which brings me to my other annoyance. I get that it is a big deal that George W. showed up at the games and was ogling the girls at beach volleyball and looking bored during the astounding opening ceremonies. However, did Bob Costas really need to interview him for what felt like forever? It just never ended and veered far afield from the Olympics and focused more on the politics of China and America's relationship with them. President Bush did made me laugh a bit when Costas was like, "Are you attending any more events." And W. was like "if you ever let this interview end so I can get the hell out of here because I really just came to watch the sports." (OK, perhaps I'm paraphrasing a mite.)

Oh, and one more irritation (I promise it is the last one... for today...) the endless commercials for Kath & Kim. I can mentally tune out the promos for the Christian Slater show (my expectations for this one are way low already), but Kath & Kim just looks more disappointing the more of it I see. In some of the spots they are watching the Olympics and being all weird and the jokes are just flat. So, so very sad.

Now on to the good stuff, synchronized diving. I'm a new fan of this one. I enjoy diving in general, but there's something double difficult about two people trying to do the same thing at the same time. I just don't get why you'd pick a partner that is so much taller than you. I don't really remember who won (that was days ago and it is all a big blur), but I had fun watching. I also love the Men's and Women's gymnastics qualifying rounds, for completely different reasons. The men I watch because I like to watch the guys do the rings and the pommel horse. It's just fun, and it didn't disappoint. Strong guys, stopping mid-air to look like they are floating.between the rings, or whipping around the horse without hitting certain body parts. Good times. I also loved the girls side. Yes. Girls. I mean, these ladies are certainly young. And there's speculation that some have falsified their ages in order to meet the requirements of the Olympics. I love a scandal. And this one had me on the edge of my seat. Even my husband was having fun making inappropriate cracks about these competitors. Oh, and there was a lot of falling. I either want to see people be really amazing, or really bad. Adequate is just no fun. Seeing people slip up and fall off of things is just good TV. I know it was the U.S. team that was doing a lot of the falling and since I'm supposed to be rooting for them unthinkingly I should feel bad about it... but I really just don't.

And of course there was the swimming. Mr. Michael Phelps is certainly living up to his reputation already snagging two gold medals. And I'm glad about it. He just seems like a goofball kid who is humble and happy with his success. When he won his first medal he was searching the stands for his mom and seemed to get a little teary when he spotted her. Good for him. I'm doubly happy that his freestyle relay team won the gold. Mostly because the French were doing a little bit of "we're so better than you are" trash talking. And even more than a scandal I like to see cocky people get smacked down. That makes for good TV. If you didn't see the relay (which I'm not sure you could avoid because it is just everywhere today) you can check it out here.




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