Whitney: The Worst Things About Fall’s Worst Show

by Angel Cohn September 23, 2011 6:00 am
<I>Whitney</I>: The Worst Things About Fall’s Worst Show

Whitney is hands down the most dreadful new show of the fall. There's really not even a question about that at all. We considered compiling a list of the worst moments from the pilot, but that would've been only one line long -- "every single excruciating second" -- and would've felt like a cop-out. So we sat through the first episode again (we're totally scarred for life now, thanks for asking) to pinpoint the show's exact problems.

TWoP 10: Must-See New Shows of Fall 2011

by Angel Cohn September 9, 2011 6:00 am
TWoP 10: Must-See New Shows of Fall 2011

We're anxiously waiting for new cable shows American Horror Story and Hell on Wheels, but since we haven't screened them yet, we have to withhold our final judgment (if nothing else, we're hoping Hell fills the Deadwood-shaped hole in our hearts). And while The X Factor will likely be insanely popular, we can't say that it will actually be good (not that it matters; we'll watch every minute). But we have seen the pilots for virtually every scripted show coming to broadcast TV this fall, and judging by their first episodes, we can confidently recommend setting your DVRs for these ten at the very least:

TBS & TNT's 2011 Upfront Presentation: Falling Up After a Comedy of Errors

The worst possible thing that could happen at a network upfront event actually occurred this morning for TBS and TNT... and it turned out to be the best possible thing that could've happened. In front a packed house of advertisers, media buyers, network executives and journalists, the meticulously choreographed presentation ground to a screeching halt not once, not twice, not thrice, but four times due to technical difficulties that prevented the giant video screens from displaying picture. But what could've been a devastating embarrassment for the networks resulted in a series of live, unrehearsed performances that had more electricity than any of the sitcoms previewed by NBC, Fox and ABC earlier this week.

TWoP 10: Worst New Shows of the Fall

by Angel Cohn August 27, 2010 6:04 am
TWoP 10: Worst New Shows of the Fall

Every September we're baffled at the amount of new shows that are just downright terrible. We're talking about programs that have no business being on TV in the first place (think Cavemen or Viva Laughlin) but yet get a big push from their respective networks, luring in unsuspecting souls with a catchy one-liner and a flashy star who reminds viewers of a more pleasant series. As a public service, we've identified the new fall 2010 series that really should've come with warning signs. Avoid these at all costs.

What's in A Name? Looking at Fall TV Shows, Not Much

by Zach Oat August 19, 2009 12:31 pm
What's in A Name? Looking at Fall TV Shows, Not Much

TV show names often aim for simplicity over complexity: For every Buffy the Vampire Slayer or How I Met Your Mother, there are a dozen Houses, Fringes and Heroeses. But is it just us, or do this season's new shows come off as a little... generic? We're all for brevity, but can we at least get a hint of meaning? Or mystery? Or, dare we say it, excitement? Just because The Office is entering its sixth season doesn't mean that a show named after a common noun is going to win you an Emmy. Here are a bunch of new programs that we feel could use a little something extra in the name department.

Fall TV: What's On When

by TWoP Staff May 20, 2009 10:02 am
Fall TV: What's On When

Finally, upfront week is over and all the networks have revealed their schedules. Friday nights are shaping up to be busy... if you are still watching Smallville or Ugly Betty. The CW unleashed their five night lineup today, and it is filled with more pretty people than you can stand. So start planning out what you'll be watching and when, with our handy little schedule below. And no, that's not a typo, both 90210 and Melrose Place are back on TV. Get more details on the CBS, Fox, ABC and NBC fall slates and midseason lineups here.

TWoP 10: Shows That Should Return Next Fall (But Might Not)

We've already put out our plea for bubble show Chuck to return next fall, but plenty more of our favorites are in danger of falling through the network programming cracks. Here's nine more series that deserve another season, but may not get one. We know, we know, wishin' and hopin' didn't do Pushing Daisies any good, but we're sending out a prayer to the TV powers-that-be anyway: when upfront time rolls around in a month or so, please let at least some of these shows reappear on your schedules.

Jimmy Fallon… Could Have Been Worse I Guess!

by Mindy Monez March 3, 2009 11:36 am
Jimmy Fallon… Could Have Been Worse I Guess! So Jimmy Fallon finally took over the Late Night hosting duties last night, and I'm sure today is going to be full of complaints about how boring and non-hilarious it was. Which it was. It was both those things. But while Jimmy may not be the genius Conan or Letterman are, I actually think the show has the potential to be a lot funnier once there are fewer eyes on it in the coming weeks and months. The problem with last night wasn't at all that Jimmy had bad ideas that failed; it was that he played it way too safe, and safe, on a comedy show, is usually pretty boring and uninspired. I have tremendous faith in head writer A.D. Miles and Jimmy's ability to improve as a performer though (he was so much more composed last night than I'd ever seen him), so for now, I'm just kind of counting last night's premiere as a practice round. Here's the best and the worst from the show.

The New Face of Late Night: The Jimmy Fallon Q&A

by Zach Oat February 23, 2009 11:11 am
The New Face of <i>Late Night</i>: The Jimmy Fallon Q&A

In what's shaping up to be the biggest talk-show shake-up since David Letterman left NBC, Saturday Night Live alum Jimmy Fallon is taking over Late Night from Conan O'Brien, as Conan goes to The Tonight Show and Leno goes to prime time. The movie star's first night is Monday, March 2, with guests Robert De Niro and Van Morrison, and he's filled out the week with old friends like Drew Barrymore and Tina Fey. TWoP sat in on a conference call with Fallon as he opened up about the show's interactivity, his acclaimed house band The Roots and why Shirtless Joe Jackson and Awkward Silence Bear are going to be the next big characters of Late Night.

Jimmy Fallon Everybody

by Lauren Gitlin December 9, 2008 4:23 pm
Jimmy Fallon Everybody In the wee hours of this morning, the first in a series of webisodes introducing Jimmy Fallon as the host of The Late Show premiered. And from what I can tell, it's exactly what you'd expect. In the super-short debut clip I watched (so that you don't have to) Fallon didn't really do much in the way of offering a true taste of what the show will be like. He was too busy waxing poetic about all the great late night hosts that preceded him on the hallowed sound stage of Studio 6B and teaching people how the internet is interactive and twitching like he likes to do. Oh, and proclaiming that The Roots is the best band in the history of the world. So ... too early to tell is my point. Not offensively odious, not astoundingly brilliant. Fascinating, I know.

Meanwhile, if you want to brave it yourself (it is only a minute and thirty-six seconds), tell me what you think. Is it a disgrace to the venerable institution of late-night TV? Just so-so? Or does it make you psyched for when the real show makes its debut?



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