FX: Now Gayer Than Bravo!

by Mindy Monez July 14, 2008 12:25 pm
FX: Now Gayer Than Bravo! According to GLAAD, FX is the most gay-friendly network in all the land! The advocacy group has awarded the network a "good" rating in their second annual GLAAD Network Responsibility Index, an achievement largely due to Nip/Tuck and less largely due to all those King of the Hill reruns. Showtime and HBO were a close second and third in the cable category, respectively, while A&E, Spike, TBS, USA, and TNT could really stand to gay it up a little. Those guys were given a big ole "failing" grade. Bravo and Logo don't seem to have been rated, I'm guessing because it just goes without saying.

Ugly Betty: Where The Boys Aren’t?

by Angel Cohn July 14, 2008 10:06 am
<I>Ugly Betty</I>: Where The Boys Aren’t?

Well, I guess this conceivably paves the way for Gio.... or not. Christopher Gorham, aka hottie geek accountant Henry, is heading off to Harper's Island (the CBS midseason show) and won't be back on Betty this year. OK, I can understand that. I mean, Henry's got a baby and lives halfway across the country, that would just not work for the plucky Betty Suarez... no matter how much she may want it to. So maybe Betty chose to head off with Gio to Italy in the finale? It's possible, but sandwich-making hottie Freddy Rodriguez is only expected to be on the show for one episode this season. Does this mean that the potential lovers had a spat while they were abroad? One can only hope. Either way it has to be more satisfying than who PJ picked on My Boys... at least I hope. If they pull that crap where Betty decides that she is going to chose herself instead of one of the two loverboys, I will officially be annoyed. That cliche is really, really getting overused lately.

Baby Bees No Match for Mama Bee

by Lauren Gitlin July 11, 2008 3:07 pm
Baby Bees No Match for Mama Bee I am So. Effing. Excited. For this new show called Queen Bees premiering tonight on The N. It's a reality show that Videogum describes perfectly as a hybrid of Mean Girls and Intervention: seven self-described Queen Bees (or Queen B's for betch, more like) are thrown into a house together and all manner of experts attempt to rehab them and rid them of their diva ways. The B who comes out most changed by the experience gets your standard prize money, which I'm sure she will totally donate to like AmFar or something and not spend on sparkly eyeliner and t-shirts declaring that they are princesses who are going to steal your boyfriend. There is a ten-minute clip up on The N's website and it is ah-may-zing. After I watched it, I simply could not contain my joy. Can I share some thoughts with you, fair readers? Good! I was hoping you'd say that!

Second Coming Coming to Comic Con

by Tippi Blevins July 11, 2008 11:48 am
Second Coming Coming to Comic Con Have you ever seen those "WWJD?" bracelets or bumper stickers and wondered, "What would Jesus really do?" Well, at long last, I've found the answer to the question that has weighed on the minds of philosophers, theologians and crafty religious merchandisers alike. As it turns out, Jesus would go to Comic-Con. Jesus Christ, like many other superstars in "the biz", will be out promoting his movie at the multimedia convention in San Diego later this month.

Seven Minutes of Kevin (Okay, Two)

by Zach Oat July 11, 2008 11:47 am
Seven Minutes of Kevin (Okay, Two)

For those of you who A.) are sad that the Office season is over and B.) can't get enough Kevin on the show, your wishes are both granted. Yesterday NBC released the first in a new series of webisodes starring Brian Baumgartner as the dopey Kevin, who could conceivably appear to be mentally handicapped to people who just met him. In this series, Kevin tries to get a bank loan to pay off his gambling debts. New episodes will appear every Thursday for the rest of the month on Hulu. Check out the first installment after the jump.

TWOP 10: Life Lessons My TV Taught Me

by Kate Rogan July 11, 2008 6:00 am
TWOP 10: Life Lessons My TV Taught Me The producers responsible for The Baby Borrowers will be airing a reunion special on August 6th in order to defend their show and prove that it's "more than just entertainment." Apparently, in light of all the recent (lousy) press, executives feel they need to prove that the show is really teaching teenage couples -- and, by proxy, America -- an important life lesson about parenting. With this in mind, I came up with my own list of the ten invaluable life lessons TV has afforded me. I don't mean to brag, but think I've got the world pretty well figured out. And I didn't even have to leave my couch!

Reality Bites Back, Or Why Meta Is the New Black

by Lauren Gitlin July 10, 2008 3:26 pm
Reality Bites Back, Or Why Meta Is the New Black Just the other day I was thinking about how the world needs a little more Michael Ian Black, and wham! Providence! Thanks to Videogum, I just found out that MIB is hosting a new, and to my mind hilar-town tv show debuting next week on Comedy Central called Reality Bites Back. (See what they did there?!) The premise is a gaggle of comedians who live in a house and have their lives taped to find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real. No seriously! Ok fine it's a little more complex than that: ten comedy hopefuls will actually compete in a series of challenges inspired by other reality shows, including Fear Factor (night vision is employed in order to witness contestants revealing intimate secrets about themselves in a dark room, only to discover that their moms are sitting there with them!) and Rock of Love (some sort of shower scene is involved). Ludicrous? Yes. But that's the point, see? It's called irony. Maybe if you lived in Brooklyn you'd have a firmer grasp on that by now. Not so ironic? The prize money: $50K y'all! That can buy an awful lot of pudding.

Watch the ten minute trailer and form your own damned opinion for once. Jeez!

Shatner Asks the Tough Questions

by Zach Oat July 10, 2008 1:51 pm
Shatner Asks the Tough Questions

In July, 2007, the Biography Channel announced that William Shatner would be given his own talk show, and the world froze. Babies stopped crying, birds stopped flying and dogs stopped licking themselves. Then nothing happened for over a year. Cut to today: the Biography Channel announces that Shatner's Raw Nerve will air on August 19. Nobody notices.

Raines O’er Me

by Zach Oat July 10, 2008 11:23 am
<i>Raines</i> O’er Me

So it's official -- Chris "Mr. Big" Noth is leaving Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and will be replaced by Jeff "The Fly" Goldblum. I know, your head is exploding, right? It's the end of an era! The dude was on the original Law & Order from 1990-1995, then came back to CI ten years later! He's a, whaddayacallit, an edifice! Of course, Goldblum is no slouch. Not only was he a Jewish cowboy in Buckaroo Banzai and a cocaine dealer in Deep Cover, but he was actually a cop for seven episodes of 2007's short-lived Raines.

Martini With A Twist

by Kate Rogan July 9, 2008 3:58 pm
Martini With A Twist Victoria Jacoby, a young contortionist, swept away the America's Got Talent judges and audience and received a standing ovation. Watch as she twists and turns her body on a raised platform while the audience stares in disbelief. After a minute or so of suspenseful music, she ends up in an unusual position (see the clip below), whereupon she picks up a martini glass with her two feet, brings the glass to her mouth and drinks from it. Sure she looks to be about ten years old, but I'd gladly present this girl with an award. She has mastered the art of multitasking -- yoga and cocktails in one! Guess I can cross that off my list.



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