Countdown to RuPaul’s Drag Race: My Money’s on Mizz Cori

by Mindy Monez June 17, 2008 12:42 pm
Countdown to <I>RuPaul’s Drag Race</I>: My Money’s on Mizz Cori Meet RuPaul's Drag Race hopeful Mizz Cori. When she's not impersonating police officers covered in Boy George makeup, she enjoys TLC songs, re-purposing Star Trek logos as tasteful nipple pasties, resembling Chris March and working that geisha hand fan! And I enjoy her. Excuse her beauty and cast your vote now!

Oprah's Really Phoning It in This Week

by Mindy Monez June 16, 2008 3:46 pm
Oprah's Really Phoning It in This Week At the beginning of every week (usually Monday, which is also today) I like to go to to see which episodes I should Tivo in the coming week for my drunken idiot friends and I to watch and make fun of at a later date. Usually this makes for a pretty fun experience, but this week not so much. Here's what Oprah has lined up for us drunken idiots:

Jason Bateman Is Fox-y

by Lauren Gitlin June 16, 2008 11:39 am
Jason Bateman Is Fox-y I'm so confused! Is Fox a soul-less trash receptacle for right-wing news media and dehumanizing reality shows or a haven for groundbreaking comedy programming? Maybe, like that Young Republican you dated who could simultaneously defend Scalia and crack jokes that made you pee, it's a little bit of both?

It seems the suits over there are finally coming to their senses, because The Hollywood Reporter is dishing dirt that the network inked a first-look deal with the one and only Jason Bateman to develop a slew of new series. This two years after they cancelled the Bateman vehicle (and stroke of comic genius) Arrested Development. But now the B-Man -- who recently directed the pilot for the new Fox comedy series Do Not Disturb and will lend his voice to the upcoming Mitchell Hurwitz cartoon chucklefest Sit Down and Shut Up -- is back in the saddle.

Emcee of His Domain

by Zach Oat June 13, 2008 2:18 pm
Emcee of His Domain

First, Jay-Z sampled the musical Annie in "Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)." Then, Danger Mouse mixed Jay-Z's Black Album and the Beatles' White Album to make The Grey Album. Now, in the latest bit of what I like to call "stunt-sampling" (although there may actually be a word for it that I am not cool enough to know), a new, free rap album is available for download that samples music and quotes from Seinfeld. No, it's not Judgement day, although if you want to start praying, go right ahead. It certainly couldn't hurt.

Daddy Dearest: Our Tribute to TV Fathers

by TWoP Staff June 13, 2008 1:56 pm
Daddy Dearest: Our Tribute to TV Fathers

When it comes to TV, there are way more fabulous and high-profile roles for moms and the poor dads get the short shrift. However, we spent minutes weeks hunting through Wikipedia and our collective minds the annals of television for the best and worst TV dads that we could remember. Well, at least these are the ones that left an indelible mark on us, and not with wire hangers or anything (though we may not put that past some of the dastardly daddies on our naughty list). So in honor of Father's Day, here's our slapped together long-awaited list in alphabetical order (because we just couldn't decide if Jack Bristow or Keith Mars would be the No. 1 perfect patriarch).

Circus of the Stars: The Next Generation

by Angel Cohn June 12, 2008 4:33 pm
Circus of the Stars: The Next Generation

Poor Joey Fatone (who I still call Fat-One... can't help it. Old habits die hard). Seriously, his career hasn't sunk quite as far as another Dancing With the Stars alum, Joey Lawrence (who is hosting the hideously awful Master of Dance), but the ex-N'Syncer is getting pretty damned close by acting as the ringmaster on Celebrity Circus. The highlight of the entire first episode was him being hung up by one foot and dangled from the Spanish web without a net. The "celebrities" in question are well, questionable. When your biggest stars are Wee-Man and Antonio Sabato Jr., you should probably be worried about the future of the series.

Real American Heroes

by Zach Oat June 12, 2008 4:07 pm
Real <I>American</I> Heroes

Move over, Hulk Hogan, and make way for...Hulk Hogan? For the past 13 years, toymaker JAKKS Pacific has made action figures of the Superstars of World Wrestling Entertainment, and now the two companies are finally preparing to part ways, with Mattel (makers of the Dark Knight toys) taking over the license in 2010. But now JAKKS has two new tag-team partners, both of whom are big names in the world of combat entertainment, except these guys do it for reals.

Cheftestant Lisa's Bag of Dicks Tour Continues

by Mindy Monez June 10, 2008 11:47 am
Cheftestant Lisa's Bag of Dicks Tour Continues I think we all can agree that Lisa from Top Chef is one of the most unpleasant human beings ever seen on television. But as if her whining, bitching, backstabbing and general lack of basic social skills weren't annoying enough, it turns out the chef who's had her ass handed to her at the judges' table more times than anyone else this season has the audacity to be, of all things, an elitist. When asked by the NY Daily News if she's been following the online coverage of TC, she had this to say:

"Oh no, I don't read the blogs -- you couldn't pay me to read the blogs. I don't want to know what people who can't even afford to eat in my restaurant, let alone know how to cook have to say about me, and the few comments I did read on a few weeks back because my job asked me to read 'em. The best they could come up with was that I was ugly."

Scream Queens. Sure, Why Not?

by Mindy Monez June 9, 2008 3:17 pm
<I>Scream Queens</I>. Sure, Why Not?

VH1 has announced plans for a reality show called Scream Queens, in which the network will put a group of 10 unknown actresses through a series of challenges in hopes of finding the next great horror actress. It's a search for a less '70s-y Jamie Lee Curtis, if you will. The winner will get a "major" role in a Lionsgate horror film, "major" most likely meaning hot girl who gets to die last because she's dumb but still hot.

Celebrity Rehab Part Deux: Our Dream Cast

by Lauren Gitlin June 9, 2008 1:46 pm
Celebrity Rehab Part Deux: Our Dream Cast The recruiting process for a show like Celebrity Rehab is much more discriminating than you might imagine. Like The Surreal Life and other reality shows of its ilk, CR requires a very specific mix of celebrities who fall into precise pop culture-based categories. The more a categories a celeb belongs to, the more incentive, to my mind, there is to cast him or her (and the more likely he or she will be to provoke all manner of drama on the show). Taking cues from last season's diverse lineup, I've devised a crib sheet of pre-req's that stars must satisfy to be eligible for the show from here on out.



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