Today's TwoP News: March 3, 2009

by Zach Oat March 3, 2009 1:47 pm
Today's TwoP News: March 3, 2009

What constitutes news, you might ask? An awesome celeb hosting an awards show we've never watched? That's news. Two fallen 1980s movie stars being cast in TV shows? That's news. A TV show set in the 1970s getting dropped like a bad habit? That's news. A 1990s TV star being cast in a remake of a 1980s TV show, due to appear on TV in 2010? That's a math problem, but it's also news. All those decades and more on today's... TwoP News! (Cue American Idol theme music.)

Today's TWoP News: February 10, 2009

by Mindy Monez February 10, 2009 3:12 pm
Today's TWoP News: February 10, 2009

So this is a new thing we're trying out in the Telefile -- quick, newsy snippets from the TV world to keep us all informed and on the same page, with some brief commentary. Learning together! It's so great! Tell us if you love it or hate it in the comments, and please feel free to rip on the news itself as well. Lord knows I'm going to, because get a load of this crap...

Might I Suggest The Real World Channel?

by Lauren Gitlin December 29, 2008 3:10 pm
Might I Suggest <i>The Real World</i> Channel?

When's MTV gonna change its stupid name already? With the recent announcement regarding its reality show-heavy slate of new shows (16 new ones in all), it's like they're not even trying to pretend they have anything to do with music anymore. It's not even like on VH1, where the shows are sort of vaguely related to music via their hosts (Rock of Love, Charm School, etc.). It's just pure unmitigated trizzash.

TWoP 10: Shows That Were Cancelled Too Soon

by Angel Cohn December 5, 2008 6:00 am
TWoP 10: Shows That Were Cancelled Too Soon

This was a hard one. Honestly, we could have probably done a TWoP 20. But the untimely demise of Pushing Daisies got us thinking about the most gut-wrenching cancellations -- the ones that we're still devastated about. And we're not talking about shows that went off the air after a nice long successful run, or shows that the writers opted not to do any more of (like Extras or Battlestar Galactica), these were shows that were unceremoniously ripped out of our hands during the midst of their all-too-brief lifespans. A cruel twist of the TV fates or TPTB who often only recognize ratings and not rare bits of genius in television form, leaving us still wanting more.

<I>My Name is Earl</I>… and Jason Priestley’s Name is ‘Blake’

On tonight's episode of My Name is Earl, Jason Priestley makes a guest appearance, the latest in a string of high-profile guest-stars that have been on the show, including David Arquette, Seth Green, Jenna Elfman and that dude from Children of the Corn. We asked Jason about his guest stint as Earl's cousin, then snuck in the requisite 90210 questions, since he's directing an upcoming episode of the show, and also because he was a dreamboat on the original who made sideburns cool again.

It's a Tyra-demic!

by Lauren Gitlin October 10, 2008 11:43 am
It's a Tyra-demic! Tyra Banks is expanding her evil/awesome empire you guys! Because America's Next Top Model and her own self-titled chat show have not sufficiently spread the good word of fierce fabulosity, TyTy and her minions are developing yet another show for The CW, to be titled Operation Fabulous. I kid you not! In it, Miss J Alexander and Jay "Inexplicably Married With Kids" Manuel will criss-cross this fine nation of ours and root out all the crimes against fashion and beauty that regular women (ie non models) are committing on the regular. Per that wellspring of info The Hollywood Reporter, "In various towns, the duo will select five participants and give them Top Model-style overhauls -- how to dress, wear their hair and makeup and bring out their confidence with the support of family, friends and their community."

Someone Finally Heard My Prayers!

by Angel Cohn July 30, 2008 3:32 pm
Someone Finally Heard My Prayers!

Apparently the god of all cheesy teen shows of yore has seen fit to grant my fondest wish and put the Nickelodeon shows Clarissa Explains It All (which I just gleefully babbled about the other day) and Hey Dude on iTunes! There will be a bunch of other shows, like The Amanda Show, Rugrats (or as my 2-year-old likes to call it "The Babies"), Rocko's Modern Life (he's a wallaby) and Doug, available for download as part of Nick Rewind. I know what I'm buying myself for my birthday this year.

TWoP 10: Shows That Give America a Bad Name… Literally

My fellow Americans (and loyal international readers) today is the one day a year we grab our flags and celebrate being from this great country by remembering the struggles that our forefathers went through. Well our forefathers would probably be rolling in their collective graves if they could see how the name "America" has been adopted by some of TV's most popular offerings. If this batch of programming is how our country is represented to the rest of the world, it isn't such a surprise that they hate us or think we are morons.

TWoP 10: Dumbest Primetime Gameshows Ever

by Angel Cohn June 27, 2008 8:00 am
TWoP 10: Dumbest Primetime Gameshows Ever

With the recent addition of Wipeout to the world of stupid shows where people make themselves look like idiots in order to earn some cash money, we've decided to take a look back at some of the really ridiculous shows that involve rewarding those with little or no talent with cash. While Wipeout just barely missed making the cut, there are some others that are horrifyingly bad and are contributing to the downfall of quality television just as much as an average episode of The Bachelorette. That's not to say that some of these aren't entertaining to watch, but that doesn't really make them intelligent TV.

TWOP 10: Worst TV Shows of the New Millennium

by Angel Cohn June 20, 2008 8:00 am
TWOP 10: Worst TV Shows of the New Millennium

Since VH1 has apparently decided that that 2009 doesn't really count as part of this millennium, we decided we'd jump on the bandwagon and announce our picks for the worst shows that the past nine years have foisted upon us. Now, we're talking about the scripted shows that are out there, since the reality show list was just too long and had way too many easy targets, from someone licking New York's toes, to a dating show that featured guys with masks, to having Jonny Fairplay take a dump on someone's bed. So Nick Carter, Amy Grant and Britney and Kevin, you are safe from our least until we get around to doing the TWoP 10 worst reality shows of all time. Here's our list of the crappiest shows that someone actually tried to write and some network executive was crazy enough to greenlight.

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