Madea Goes to Lionsgate

by admin July 24, 2008 10:30 am
Madea Goes to Lionsgate

Tyler Perry, whom I always think of as The Busiest Man in showbiz, is about to get a little busier. The writer/director just signed a three-year first look deal with Lionsgate, wherein he has promised the studio three more films in addition to giving them first dibs on any other films of his within that time frame. The studio already has two upcoming Perry movies, The Family That Preys which comes out in September, and Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail, set for a February release, neither of which are included in the deal.

I would worry for the man, who if he was any mere mortal would be sure to suffer from instantaneous writer's block followed by panic attacks, ulcers and chemical dependence at the thought that he'd have to deliver three-plus movies in the next couple of years, if he hadn't already written and directed fifteen movies since 2002. Fifteen. Oh, and he also has a TV show, Tyler Perry's House of Payne. Now, I know that many of the movies he's written and directed have been adaptations of plays he's written in the past (he started at age 18), and I'll grant you that gives him a pretty decent head start when putting everything to script. But, dude. I don't know that your average person (and by average person, I mean my family members) has even been to see fifteen movies since 2002. And shouldn't he be running out of plays soon? I mean, eventually he's going to be dipping into his mother's "Tyler: Middle School" box in the attic pulling out the plays he wrote in sixth grade drama. I hope the studio execs know what they're getting into. Coming from Lionsgate in 2010: Tyler Perry's Zippy the Lonesome Sheep.




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