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TV's Next Big Things? The Potentially Best (and Worst) New Shows in Development

With the Television Critics Association convening in California this week, the networks are starting to announce their development slates for fall shows. However, while a lot of these "in-development" shows might get a pilot ordered, many of them won't ever make it to the airwaves. Based on what we know about them so, here's what sounds potentially must-see to us - and what doesn't.

Untitled Carvey/Feresten Project (Fox) Remember when Dana Carvey was funny? Yeah, neither do we. And Spike Feresten is equally blah. Even our moms won't watch.

The X-Factor (Fox)
While we dread the idea of another singing competition show, the Brits love this one, and if it means Simon without Kara or Randy or Ellen, we're game to give it a go.

Prime Suspect (NBC)
Look, the reason that this BBC show (which aired here on PBS) worked can be boiled down to two words: Helen Mirren. Without her acting capabilities, we're not sure this show about a tough, female detective will have the same resonance. Hope NBC is on the lookout for an Oscar winner who wants to do TV.

The Rockford Files (NBC)
Yes, another cop drama and another remake -- just what we needed. While we loved James Garner as a PI way back in the '70s, we're not sure how this updated show will stand out today. Unless they can find a way to have Enrico Colantoni play James Rockford, and he just happens to have a sassy, pint-sized, blonde daughter who helps him on cases.

The Event (NBC)
This show sounds exactly like FlashForward. Here's the plot: A thriller about mysterious circumstances and a large conspiracy theory. We already have one average show like this, no need for another.

Undercovers (NBC)
Normally we have faith in shows from J.J. Abrams, but the plot of this one sounds like Alias, ten years later: a retired husband and wife return to the CIA as agents. The only possible upside is that it could be a good pairing with Chuck.

Chase (NBC)
Jerry Bruckheimer is ripping from real-life for this scripted show about U.S. Marshals hunting down criminals. It's for people who still watch Cops, and it can't possibly be as awesomely gritty as it needs to be on network television.

Kindreds (NBC)
David E. Kelley is producing a new law show. Shocking. This time it's about a cranky lawyer with a bunch of off-beat associates. We can only hope that Kelsey Grammer will get cast in this mess so we can just ignore its existence until it gets quickly cancelled.

Love Bites (NBC)
A romantic comedy from one of the writers of Sex and the City, this should last about as long as The Ex-List or Miss Match or Leap of Faith (the latter was also from an SATC writer).

Adam Carolla Project (NBC)
The "funnyman" plays a contractor trying to get his life together after being dumped by his wife. We'll put this somewhere between Everybody Loves Raymond and Gary Unmarried on the list of shows we don't need to watch.

Hair Battle Spectacular (Oxygen)
Love the title! Didn't know there was a thing called fantasy hair, but does Snooki's count? Does it involve a lot of Bump-its?

Jersey Couture (Oxygen)
Speaking of our beloved Snooki, Oxygen is also hopping on the Jersey bandwagon with a docudrama about a "glamour fashion shop" and the family who runs it. Can't wait to see their brand of glamour.

House of Glam (Oxygen)
Trendsetters. Stylists. Too high-brow for us.

The Russell Simmons Project (Oxygen)
It's all about the women who make the man, which would be fine if we cared about the man at all.

When Charlie Met Sarah (Oxygen)
The annoying O'Connell brother who was on The Bachelor is getting his own show with his sometimes wife Sarah. We would much rather have When Jerry Met Rebecca.

Bethenny's Getting Married? (Bravo)
Our favorite member of the Real Housewives of New York is getting her own show. What more can we ask for?

Thintervention with Jackie Warner (Bravo)
Super-fit trainer Jackie Warner (from Work Out) is getting overweight people in shape. It's like a one-on-one Biggest Loser.

Lastly, there is apparently also talk that Dick Wolf will do a new Law & Order, this time set in Los Angeles. Yeah, NBC, you already had that show. It was called Southland and you cancelled it.

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