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Today's TWoP News: June 8, 2010

There's so much news today, I can't even fit in the Real Housewives of New Jersey gossip or the big Muppet movie announcement!

Didn't think Glee could get any more campy? You were wrong, fool, because John Stamos may be joining the cast! If things work out, he'll be playing (Spoiler Alert!) Emma's love interest next season. Fingers crossed that he'll wear a sexy motorcycle jacket the whole time!

In more pretty boy news, Grey's Anatomy has officially upgraded Jesse Williams to a full-time series regular.

Melissa Rycroft will be co-hosting Bachelor Pad with Chris Harrison. I apologize if you get a cold sore just from reading that sentence!

Stringer Bell (or Idris Elba, to you people who didn't devote their lives to The Wire) is getting a whole lot of work-- he'll be joining the cast of Showtime's The Big C for at least four episodes, and will star in the BBC psychological thriller Luther. This definitely beats his old job at Dunder Mifflin.

ABC has signed former Prison Break executive producer Kevin Hooks to executive produce/direct its upcoming crime drama Detroit 1-8-7. I now have higher hopes for the new series!

And finally, to the few of you who might still care about Entourage, Mark Wahlberg says the TV series will complete this season, six episodes in 2011, and then end in a feature length film. Yawn.

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