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Today's TWoP News: Monday, June 20, 2011

Some sad news today -- the Jackass crew has lost one of its own.

Ryan Dunn, also a Viva La Bam vet, was killed in a Pennsylvania highway car crash early this morning. Dunn's new TV show, Proving Ground, premiered on G4 just last Thursday.

On a more uplifting note, Denis Leary is staying involved with television after Rescue Me ends -- he is currently developing and co-writing a comedy pilot for USA -- an adaptation of the UK series Sirens.

The Bold and the Beautiful was the big winner at yesterday's Daytime Emmy Awards. It is quite literally one of the only big-name soaps to have not been cancelled in the past year, so here's hoping this helps keep it afloat.

Ryan Murphy confirmed that this upcoming season of Glee will be Rachel, Finn, Quinn and Puck's senior year, meaning they'll have to graduate. However, there will be no recasting. Listen, Murphy -- this whole graduation thing is fiiiine with us. You've actually succeeded in creating characters we're not at all sad to see go. (Besides Puck, but only because of his abs.)

Chris Lambton, a cast-off on the last season of The Bachelorette, is engaged to Peyton Wright, a onetime contestant on The Bachelor. Mark my words on this one -- the next couple to be born from Bachelor/Bachelorette interbreeding will be Bentley and Vienna. And they'll have their own reality show.

Lance Bass is creating a boy-band reality contest show. Errr, wasn't he going to be an astronaut once upon a time? Whatever happened to that?

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