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Today's TWoP News: Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Whoa pardner!

Looks like AMC's Western series Hell on Wheels won't be riding off into the sunset anytime soon. Encouraged by its healthy 3.2 million viewers-a-week audience, the network has announced that they've picked up their second highest-rated show (after The Walking Dead) for another season. Hey, since AMC (unlike HBO) actually seems to be behind their Western, any chance of a crossover with Deadwood to bring some closure to David Milch's cancelled-before-its time Old West yarn? Mainly, we just want to see a screaming match between Ian McShane and Colm Meaney.

FOX surprisingly granted the Christian Slater comedy Breaking In a stay of execution, but when the show returns in March, they'll be notable alterations. For starters, former series regular Odette Annable will only be back in a recurring capacity and frequent guest-star Michael Rosenbaum will likely not be back at all. Meanwhile, Megan Mullally has been added to the regular cast, playing the boss of Slater's security company. Does this mean no more Tammy 2 sightings in Pawnee this spring?

Although the Amy and Rory saga will be coming to an end on the next season of Doctor Who, series star Matt Smith has reiterated that, contrary to rumors, he's not going anywhere for the time being. "I am very happy to stay," he told Graham Norton in a recent interview, which sounds mostly convincing. Still, it's safe to assume that a new Doctor will probably be taking control of the TARDIS sometime in 2013 when the last of Smith's 14 more contractually obligated episodes finish airing.

Taking a page from FOX's New Girl (and their own positive experience with Homeland), Showtime is making the pilot episode of its upcoming management consultant comedy House of Lies, which stars Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell, available for free online. Just as a heads-up: the opening scene is definitely NSFW.

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