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TV on DVD: Tuesday, July 3, 2012

by admin July 3, 2012 6:00 am
TV on DVD: Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Things get heated on The Real Funny Women of Saturday Night Live reunion special.

Saturday Night Live: The Women of SNL
With the departure of Kristen Wiig at the end of last season, Saturday Night Live finds itself in the hunt for its next breakout female star. Will it be any of the current not ready for primetime players like Abby Elliott or Vanessa Bayer? Or will SNL swami Lorne Michaels find his next Wiig/Poehler/Fey during the off-season? As we wait to see what's next for the venerable late night sketch comedy series, this "retrospecial" (which originally aired on NBC in 2010) alternates talking head interviews and classic clips featuring many of the show's most successful female cast members, including the aforementioned triumvirate as well as Maya Rudolph, Rachel Dratch, Laraine Newman, Jane Curtin and the dearly departed Gilda Radner. It all kicks off with an Andy Cohen-hosted spoof of those Real Housewives reunion shows taped in the show's longtime home, Studio 8H. Apparently, Victoria Jackson's invite got lost in the mail...
Extras: None

Dynasty: The Sixth Season
The Streets of San Francisco: Season 3, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2
With TNT's Dallas sequel performing well in the ratings, how long will it be until we get updates of other once-famous '80s primetime soaps like, say, Aaron Spelling's Dynasty, the ABC series that ran for eight seasons from 1981 to 1989. John Forsythe starred as Blake Carrington, an oil tycoon whose marriage to new, younger bride Krystle (Linda Evans) kicks off a web of soapy storylines involving the rest of his family, his rivals and the show's resident femme fatale, Blake's ex-wife Alexis (Joan Collins). Oh, and of course we can't not mention Heather Locklear, whose role as Sammy Jo Dean made her one of the decade's leading sex symbols. Season 6 storylines included Evans serving double duty as Mrs. Carrington and a Krystle lookalike named Rita, as well as the introduction of a gay character named Bart Fallmont, played by Kevin Conroy, who millions of kids know as the voice of the Dark Knight from Batman: The Animated Series. Another older series that's out on DVD today and seemingly ready for a small-screen revival is The Streets of San Francisco, the '70s cop drama that paired Karl Malden with a young Michael Douglas as a pair of Bay Area detectives. Since Hawaii Five-O has found a second life, it seems only natural for Streets to make a comeback. Douglas could even cameo in the pilot setting up the new team. May we suggest Jonathan Banks for the Malden role as the older veteran and Aaron Paul as Douglas's young turk? We're just looking for ways to keep the Breaking Bad crew together after the show ends.
Extras: No bonus features on either set. C'mon, is Joan Collins really too busy to record a commentary track or two?

Also on DVD:
Looking for a few bad B-movies to provide some fireworks this Independence Day? Elvira's Movie Macabre: Giant Monsters features the generously proportioned horror hostess introducing four terrible movies involving enormous lizards and other large beasts. If you're interested in more exploits of busty women and strange reptiles, check out Sheena: Season 2, the second and final season of the syndicated TV show starring Gena Lee Nolan as a female Tarzan knock-off. Be prepared to shell out big bucks for this slice of cheesecake, though -- the sticker price is a whopping $41. Far more reasonably priced at $15 is Rocko's Modern Life: Season 3, the junior year of the popular '90s Nick series. Finally, in British TV releases, the latest collection of the long-running procedural Midsomer Murders: Set 20 bids farewell to its original protagonist, John Nettles' Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby, but thankfully the title character of Inspector George Gently: Series 4 is still sticking around to solve some of the Sceptered Isles' worst crimes and misdemeanors.

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