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TWoP 10: Upcoming Movies That Need TV Shows

by admin November 6, 2009 6:00 am
TWoP 10: Upcoming Movies That Need TV Shows

There have been a lot of TV shows based on movies. Some go into development soon after the movie becomes a success. Some, like Eastwick, come out nearly 20 years later. But in the case of 2012, the upcoming John Cusack disaster movie, work has already begun on a follow-up TV series called 2013 -- and the film's not even out yet! Wanting to get on the bandwagon early, we looked at the upcoming slate and found ten movies that would make for entertaining TV series. Feel free to take these ideas and run with them, Hollywood!

10. Clash of the Titans
The Movie: The son of gods, Perseus (Sam Worthington) leads a band of warriors to defeat Hades and prevent him from seizing power from Zeus, turning Earth into Hell.
The Show: Filmed in New Zealand, Perseus wanders the countryside of Greece looking for adventure and fighting back intrusions by Hades' dark minions and monsters.

9. Hot Tub Time Machine
The Movie: Four guys (including John Cusack, Rob Corddry and Craig Robinson) find themselves transported back in time to the 1980s by a magical hot tub.
The Show: Stuck in the '80s, the four guys use their knowledge of the future to make a living, revisit missed opportunities and, most importantly, get laid.

8. MacGruber
The Movie: A film version of the Saturday Night Live sketch, in which a bomb-defusing incompetent (Will Forte) parodies TV legend MacGyver.
The Show: Why not just follow the formula of MacGyver and have MacGruber go on a special mission every week? They don't all need to end with a bomb exploding.

7. When in Rome
The Movie: After taking coins out of a wishing fountain in Rome, an American woman (Kristen Bell) finds herself being courted by the coins' enthralled original owners.
The Show: In the town of Rome, Iowa, a local woman discovers that whenever she takes a coin from the town fountain, she sees the wish that the coin's owner wished for, and then does whatever she can to make that wish come true.

6. The Bounty Hunter
The Movie: A bounty hunter (Gerard Butler) finds out that his ex-wife (Jennifer Aniston) is the next target he needs to bring in.
The Show: Together, a husband-and-wife bounty hunter team go after a new runner every week, most of whom are members of the couple's extended, felonious family.

5. Sherlock Holmes
The Movie: Robert Downey Jr. revitalizes the turn-of-the-century British detective as a fighter and a lover, as well as a bro to his assistant Watson, played by Jude Law.
The Show: Every week, a new case crosses the threshold of 221B Baker Street, and Holmes and Watson investigate, with thrilling results and no small amount of bromance.

4. Tooth Fairy
The Movie: A professional hockey player (Dwayne Johnson) known for knocking teeth out is sentenced to be the real Tooth Fairy.
The Show: Whenever he goes to retrieve a tooth, the temp tooth fairy learns about a problem the child or the parents are having at home, and uses his muscle and fairy powers to help out.

3. The Road
The Movie: A man (Viggo Mortensen) leads his son on a cross-country trip across a ravaged, post-apocalyptic landscape in search of food and shelter, fighting off attacks from cannibals and worse.
The Show: As the man and his son roam from settlement to settlement, they take on new traveling companions, face new dangers, and help people in need. Kind of like The Incredible Hulk!

2. Iron Man 2
The Movie: When billionaire superhero Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) is targeted by a Russian scientist and a Russian spy, it's up to his friend James Rhodes (Don Cheadle) to don another suit of armor and become the weapons-laden War Machine.
The Show: While Iron Man saves the world and hangs out with the Avengers, War Machine takes the battle to the streets, stopping crime and terrorism on the streets of L.A.

1. Daybreakers
The Movie: In a world of plague-induced vampires, blood is a precious commodity and humans are an endangered species, which means that vampires need to come up with a plan to save themselves and/or humanity, fast.
The Show: A vampire FBI agent is paired up with a human in the hunt for a human scientist who has developed a formula for easy-to-reproduce blood. They'll need each other to navigate their respective cultures... if they don't kill each other first!

What recent or upcoming movie would you like to see as a TV series? Let us know below!




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